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Help Microsoft-Android Wifi Issue - can not connect to SkyPe, Outlook


May 11, 2021

A while back my Skype suddenly stopped connecting to the internet on my Android (8.1) phone using the wifi.

I know it´s a Microsoft-Android issue as at the same time I could not (and still can´t) connect to my email using Outlook (hotmail).

Other apps and webpages connect to the internet without any problems using the same phone.

Also, using the same wifi I can connect to both Skype and Hotmail via my laptop.

Weird right? I haven´t found a fix for this yet. I have tried reinstalling and also deleting the app data and also changing the date and time settings on my phone - as are the usual suggestions on the Microsoft forums. But to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else.

(For clarity I was able to login to Skype and Outlook email using data on the same Android phone)
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Moto g5Plus.

Yes I´ve tried all that.

When I try and log into email via https://outlook.live.com/ and click sign in it just goes to the error page - like when you´re offline.

Server not found

Skype did the same before I was able to log into my account via data. But now it just doesn´t work. When I try and call or send any messages I just get the permanent spinning circle. Also nobody can call or send me messages.
A message I sent 10 days ago there is still "sending" . . So basically I am logged in on my phone there, but offline.
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Since you're not having any other issues with other apps and it's only Skype and Outlook, and you've only referred to WiFi, do you encounter the same problem when using just mobile data?
Have you tried using a different WiFi network (i.e. a neighbor or work) and does this same problem occur there?

Also have you rebooted your router to see if that made any difference? Yes you mentioned not having this same problem on your laptop but local networking isn't so simple as that. Just because your laptop isn't having any problem just indicates your broadband connection is working, it does not rule out some kind of one-off glitch happened with your phone interacting with your router.
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Then it's an issue with Microsoft, since both Skype and Hotmail use their servers

Nobody seems to have a clue at "Microsoft". They just suggested the usual troubleshooting that I´ve already done. Reinstalling the Skype app (though I use Outlook email in a browser so not sure how that was supposed to make that work), rebooting the modem/router (which I do regularly anyway, as it´s often turned off at night), deleting data, clearing cookies, changing the time and date on the phone.

It´s a complete mystery.
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