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  1. P

    Help needed please help security / big need for bluetooth devices in the home / google phone number unknown on new google accounr. Years of worry

    Hi all - ive been in a crap situation for a while now n need some knowledge so im not being taken for a walk over. I had intruder incidents in my home a few years ago, thats in the past although it was quite a stressful time seeing as only paperwork was moved about, i misplaced some i.d n thats...
  2. A

    Help Samsung A54 won't receive calls when wifi is on

    My A54 is four months old. Starting yesterday I couldn't receive phone calls, but text messages and outgoing calls were fine. Just now I found that when wifi is turned on, that's when it won't receive calls. What to do?
  3. Z

    Help Phone updating WiFi searches.

    Hi, I am trying to find out how to stop my OnePlus 11 Android mobile from always updating the WiFi internet searches made on my laptop. Every time I go to Chrome, on my phone, all of the internet searches that I made on my laptop are listed, which I then need to delete or the list would be...
  4. D

    Help Android wifi not connecting

    Hi , I have a Vivo smartphone with Android OS . I used to connect with my department wifi very often without any issues . One day , it stopped connecting to the same wifi . Usually the wifi redirect me to a web page for registration . And now , it just shows connecting .... connecting ...
  5. T

    Wi-fi speed

    I have purchased 2 separate phones, both new recently, and both phones have had slow wifi speed. I've tested them on multiple wifi locations. My current phone has no problems. I've restarted phone, turned of app background usages, restarted router looked at settings. I'm baffled what am I...
  6. T

    WIFI connection without internet access

    Temporarily, I have my phone set to a static IP address with the intention of accessing a device that over WIFI. The device also has a static IP address. The WIFI that I have running isn't connected to the internet, that is what I want. My phone sees the WIFI, connects for a second, notices...
  7. P

    No Wifi

    Install Android on my HP Stream 11. If I run the same version from the USB stick that I installed off the wifi is fine. When I run from internal storage the wifi is not enabled. Can anyone help? Thanks
  8. R


    I guess that's the right spelling. Anyway, I at long last am the proud possessor of a brand spankin' new (I hope) computer, a Lenovo from Walmart. Compared to the crimebook, I guess it's pretty tricked out, specs and all. I have fortunately been able to connect the cheapish plastic wireless...
  9. R

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 not connecting to wifi after updating Android

    I pulled an old tablet out of the closet today hoping to get some use out of it. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, model number GT-P3100. It hadn't been used in years and it had Android Jelly Bean on it, version 4.2 I believe. I was hoping to get software and app updates on it but it couldn't...
  10. N

    Issues when wifi/bluetooth is enabled on device

    I recently purchased a Yumkem T13 tablet, running android 10 go, as a non working unit. I have been able to reset the device in recovery mode and it seems to work until I try to enable wifi or Bluetooth. As soon as I turn these on the device crashes almost instantly and I have to reset it again...
  11. groston

    WiFi not working???

    I have my Pixel 7Pro, service provided by Google Fi, configured to use WiFi for phone calls. However, sometimes the connection drops so I wondered if the call is really using WiFi. In order to test things, I ran WireShark on a notebook and looked at the activity on the house's WiFi network...
  12. N

    USB tethering with SIP VOIP?

    I can't connect to a SIP VOIP account when my laptop is USB tethered to my Moto phone, but VOIP works when using the same phone's wifi hotspot. I prefer USB mainly because the phone charges while tethered. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. B

    Redmi note 10 JE wont turn on WIFI automatically.

    Hello all, I have a Redmi note 10 JE phone running Android 12 SKQ1.210821.001 My problem is that the WiFi will turn off automatically but wont turn on automatically. Turn on WIFI automatically is already turned on. Sometimes I forget to turn the WIFI on manually and unintentionally use my...
  14. P

    Transfer limits of an internal/non-portable MicroSD card?

    Hello, I have an old 2017 Moto E4 Plus (running Nougat 7.1.1) whose carrier I've since left that I recently turned on to discover tons of old family photos & videos on an old MicroSD card, only a handful of which ever got backed up/texted/emailed etc (I mean hell, I have photos/videos of a small...
  15. J

    Help Can Tasker limit apps to not run when Bluetooth Audio is on?

    I have a BLE application that screws up Bluetooth Audio Streaming. The other possibility would be to only allow the application to run when connected to any WiFi network. The application is Polar Flow. It runs in the background, so it isn't easy to terminate. I have disallowed background...
  16. C

    WiFi performance

    ABOUT TABLET HT1002W32 build # Hyundai_HT1002W32_V1.0.0_06/09/2019 Android version 9 I bought this tablet to make it easier to read my on-line newspaper subscription. It works when I'm at my desk next to my wifi router, but not when I'm elsewhere in the house. All my other devices: phones...
  17. M

    Help Microsoft-Android Wifi Issue - can not connect to SkyPe, Outlook

    Hi. A while back my Skype suddenly stopped connecting to the internet on my Android (8.1) phone using the wifi. I know it´s a Microsoft-Android issue as at the same time I could not (and still can´t) connect to my email using Outlook (hotmail). Other apps and webpages connect to the internet...
  18. M

    [App] WiFi File Share - Easy file transfer app

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I published an app for quick and easy file share/transfer from/to android devices. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.medhaapps.wififm.free Please try out and let me know any feedback you may have Key features: 1. Provides an easy to use web...
  19. J

    Help HTC One M9 - Wifi Passwords

    I've run out of space to store Wifi passwords. I once knew how to delete obsolete ones, thereby freeing up some space. I no longer remember how to do that, and also don't remember where I put the note that wasn't supposed to let me forget! Can anyone enlighten me? I promise I'll have it...
  20. Leqtric

    My honor 10 lite wifi is dodgy

    I've had 2 honor 10 lite phones and both of them have the same WiFi issue, they'll be connected for a few minutes then the download and upload speed will both go to 0mbps, is this just how the phone is made or is there a fix to this? All other phones in my house are on the same WiFi and they all...
  21. Android News

    Android 8.1 now shows you how fast public Wi-Fi networks are

    Curious which WiFi networks in your are are fastest? A new update for Android 8.1 will show you public WiFi speeds.
  22. Android News

    Android may have native Wi-Fi Direct printing in the future

    New commits in the Android project suggest the platform could get support for WiFi Direct printing in the future.
  23. Android News

    Which US cities lean on WiFi usage the most?

    A new report from OpenSignal showcases which cities in the US rely on WiFi for most of their data usage. At the top of the list was Phoenix, AZ.
  24. Android News

    New vulnerability affects virtually all WiFi devices

    A new exploit can allow attackers to read Wi-Fi traffic between devices and wireless access points, and even modify it to inject malware into websites. It's said to affect 41% of Android phones, though this vulnerability affects almost any platform which uses WPA or WPA2 WiFi security, including...
  25. Android News

    Study says infrared light could deliver fast WiFi someday

    A PhD student from the Netherlands recently had an idea about using infrared rays to carry wireless data to your laptop or smartphone. The proposed system is said to be capable of 40 gigabits per second per light ray, and doesn't have any issue with radio interference.