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Help Can Tasker limit apps to not run when Bluetooth Audio is on?

John Klug

Dec 26, 2021
I have a BLE application that screws up Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

The other possibility would be to only allow the application to run when connected to any WiFi network.

The application is Polar Flow. It runs in the background, so it isn't easy to terminate.

I have disallowed background operation for the time being.
You do not specify which monitors or other devices you may be using with the app, but perhaps moving the android device and/or audio equipment (bluetooth speaker?) to another location could help with the interference?
Or even a wired speaker if your device has a headphone jack.
I have excellent results with a set of computer speakers.
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So what I want to do is allow an application to run in the background except when streaming audio. I am using Black Player.

Maybe I should just complain to the watch app writer. Polar Flow is the application that interferes. I have simply disabled background operation and run the watch application manually for now.

If there was a way to run Polar Flow only when their is a WiFi connection, that could also be a solution.
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