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  1. jraju

    Do all smartphones have the option of moving the content of social media content apps like whatsapp to store their content in sd card

    Hi, In samsung phones , there is option to move the social web contents app like to store the content to the sd card so that internal storage is not affected . Is this true for all mobiles . Where do we find the option if it is true. Normally all android have android versions common to all...
  2. T

    Wi-fi speed

    I have purchased 2 separate phones, both new recently, and both phones have had slow wifi speed. I've tested them on multiple wifi locations. My current phone has no problems. I've restarted phone, turned of app background usages, restarted router looked at settings. I'm baffled what am I...
  3. 3

    Help Can someone tell me if these Bluetooth services are normal even when I have it off

  4. Hadron

    Another Google service cancellation

    The latest in the long line of products and services that Google have cancelled within a couple of years is "Pixel Pass": a 2 year subscription service which would get you a Pixel handset plus a bunch of paid Google services, at the end of which you could renew and get a newer Pixel to go with...
  5. ironass

    Samsung Fold4-AUGUST update + One UI 5.1.1

    Samsung's 11th Android 13 update has started to roll out for the Fold4 international devices, F936B. bringing with it the August Security patch and One UI 5.1.1. Build number = F936BXXU4DWH5 Build date = 10 August 2023 Android Security patch = 01 August 2023 Download size = 2,760.02 MB...
  6. H

    Lavilier wireless microphone compatibility

    I have a Galaxy S-21 phone and I have successfully used Bluetooth earbuds for receiving phone calls and listening to music from apps on the phone. I also have impaired hearing which makes it difficult to understand dialogue from a TV. I also have a sound bar which helps filter the sound from...
  7. E

    Help Help me choose a budget rugged phone

    My fellow mp3 player is beyond repair, and it's sad to go out without music. So i am thinking about replacing it, and my old nokia cellphone on the smartphone. If nothing bad will happen, i should be able to save around 60$ till the end of this year. That's my budget. But i can save a bit...
  8. The_Chief

    How Samsung Smartphones are Made

    Pretty fascinating! https://www.techradar.com/phones/samsung-phones/i-saw-how-samsung-builds-its-samsung-galaxy-s23-ultra-and-it-totally-blew-me-away
  9. Rob

    Tech Forums: Re-Organized

    As you've probably noticed, the forums have been re-organized into a system that SHOULD make a lot more sense moving forward. Notes: Android Help has become "Ask A Question" is at the top and anyone can ask any tech question there. Android Devices has become "Smartphones" under the "Tech...
  10. Android News

    You may soon be able to get into your house with just your jacket

    New technology that allows the conductive thread to store data will allow you to pair your smartphone with articles of clothing and then use that clothing to unlock things.
  11. Android News

    Proof smartphones are getting more expensive across the globe

    The cost of smartphones is getting more expensive than previous years, suggests evidence from this new report that analyzes the launch price of smartphones from various manufacturers.
  12. Android News

    Frank is a new phone coming to Kickstarter for $180

    The name of this Kickstarter project is Frank. The period is actually part of the name. But all it wants to be is “Just another #@!*ing phone.” We actually caught this phone on our Instagram feeds with a rather eclectic ad campaign. It’s weird, but a lot of the pictures point out that this...
  13. Android News

    ZTE's smartphone market grew by 36% for Q2 2017

    A new report claims that ZTE helped drive smartphone sales in the US in Q2, with the company seeing a 36% jump when compared to Q2 2016.
  14. Android News

    Polaroid announces a trio of entry-level devices

    Polaroid has made official three entry-level devices - a couple of smartphones and a tablet. Starting with the phones, dubbed Cosmo K and Cosmo K Plus, the devices are powered by a 1.3GHz, quad-core processor, come with 1GB/8GB memory config, and feature 13MP/5MP camera combo.
  15. Android News

    5 different smartphone features which are disappearing or no longer exist

    We’ve seen a lot of smartphone features come and go over the years for a variety of reasons, so let’s take a look at a handful of smartphone features that have trended down or no longer exist in the smartphone world.
  16. Android News

    Here are the best Waterproof Phones for July 2017

    As smartphones replace laptops as our go-to mobile working machines, people are finding more than ever that they need to use their phones in a variety of conditions, including near or in water. Here are the best waterproof phones you can buy today.
  17. Android News

    Luxury smartphone maker Vertu is closing down

    Vertu, the British firm that manufactures luxury smartphones costing up to $52,000, is closing down. The news comes just four months after the company was purchased by businessman Murat Hakan Uzan, who was unable to save it from bankruptcy.
  18. Android News

    This mobile phone prototype doesn't require a battery

    Computer Scientists and Electrical Engineers at the University of Washington have created a phone that works without a battery.
  19. Android News

    Europe wants smartphones to have product repairabillity ratings

    The European Parliment is looking at recommendations for companies to make their devices easier to repair. They want batteries, LEDs and other critical parts to be removable so the phone can be repaired when the battery breaks down.
  20. Android News

    Best Android Smartphones for July 2017

    Phandroid takes a look at the best handsets available on the market right now if you're looking for a new device and need help choosing.
  21. Android News

    Some think that every device should have a second screen on the back

    Adam from PocketNow takes a look at devices like the YotaPhone and the rumored Meizu Pro 7 which are said to feature a display on the back. He claims that this could potentially be a useful piece of tech, "depending on how it's implemented."
  22. Android News

    Here's a look at the Android smartphones coming later in 2017

    Florence from Android Central takes a look at the smartphones we are expecting to see in the 2nd half of 2017, including the Essential Phone, Pixel 2, and Moto X 2017.
  23. Android News

    Study finds 67% of the entire world uses mobile devices

    A new report compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social has determined that 5 billion people in the world use a mobile device of some sort. That's 67% of the entire world population.
  24. Android News

    Global smartphone sales reach 375 million units as of Q1 2017

    A new report claims that global smartphone sales have risen by 10% as they reach 375 million units in Q1 2017 compared to 337.2 million in Q1 2016.
  25. Android News

    Watch the Samsung Galaxy S8′s facial recognition be fooled by a photo

    If you want to keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 secure, you won't want to use its facial recognition unlocking feature. A video has surfaced showing that the facial recognition feature can easily be fooled to unlock when a photo of your face is placed in front of it. Google fixed this issue several...