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Aug 9, 2010
Dimension Jumping
The latest in the long line of products and services that Google have cancelled within a couple of years is "Pixel Pass": a 2 year subscription service which would get you a Pixel handset plus a bunch of paid Google services, at the end of which you could renew and get a newer Pixel to go with your continuing subscriptions. Except that nobody is ever going to test that last bit, because they've quietly closed the programme, both to new customers and renewals, 22 months after they started it.

I don't think anyone has any grounds to object because their existing 2 year subscription paid for their current phone rather than pre-paying for the upgrade. I suspect that there just wasn't enough uptake to justify it (though I don't remember ever seeing any marketing of it, so they may have themselves to blame for that). Just another tombstone in the cemetery of products and services Google dipped into but lost interest in or never committed to.
You're spot on about Google services and product dipped into then quickly ended. I saw an article that listed a bunch of them.

I do remember seeing advertising for the Pixel Pass, but I wasn't interested in it. I buy my phones from Google, and use Google Fi, so that's probably why I saw advertising for it.
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