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  1. V

    How to copy lat/long in Google Map

    In Google Maps on my Android, I know when I click on a place on the map, it shows lat/long in the search bar. But how do I COPY the lat/long? All the forums I have read seem to have old info. They say to click on the lat/long values to copy. But when I click on the lat/long (that is now in the...
  2. Rob

    Google Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing [VIDEO]

    It hasn't even been officially unveiled yet... but that hasn't stopped one YouTuber from getting his hands on one and publishing an unboxing video for all of us to enjoy:
  3. Rob

    WATCH: Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro (Launch Event)

    It'll be streaming LIVE right here on October 4th at 10AM ET: Let's watch and discuss in the comments below!
  4. S

    Help Galaxy Note 20 Ultra OS upgrade killed my Google Assistant - VZ

    My Verizon Galaxy Note 20 Ultra did an OS update on Sept 10th, 2023, and again on Sept 14th, 2023. After the first update, I noticed that my Google Assistant stopped working, but I didn't have a chance to troubleshoot it until after the 2nd update (which didn't fix the issue). I use a widget...
  5. RASelkirk

    Google - not Google question...

    This prolly doesn't belong here, but we'll see. This mainly concerns my Windows PC as that's the only thing I run a VPN on. I've found over the past couple weeks, Google is blocking every single IP address from my VPN of choice, "Personal Internet Access". I can get on, if I'm willing to plow...
  6. H

    Download apps from Google Play

    I hope someone can help me on this one. I have been trying to download BBC iPlayer while I was in Australia. It came up you can not download in your region. I was heading to the UK so I thought I would wait. Got to the UK tried downloading it. Got the same message. Went to YouTube looking for...
  7. L

    Google activity Log

    What does Used com.samsung.android.mesenging mean? Is it using an app to message only or is it text messages and voicemails too? It is a samsung android phone on the google activity log.
  8. A

    How to track text like google translate (google lens) does it?

    I'm trying to get the same quality of text tracking as google translate live camera translation. I want to track text in real time from camera, use ocr to get the string text, process it and then replace it with processed text, making it look seamless. I know about ML Kit and I tried using it...
  9. beingbeetle

    New Android Features - Google

    Android is announcing new features to help you improve productivity, connectivity and individuality as you go about your day-to-day life. With WhatsApp now available on your Wear OS smartwatch, you can securely send and receive messages, answer calls, and keep up with chats without having to...
  10. AugieTN

    Google listed back up to Brands and Models?

    Can we get Google listed back up to Brands and Models? rather than Archived Content? Thanks
  11. AugieTN

    Google phone location

    Can we get Google listed back up to Brands and Models? rather than Archived Content?
  12. Hadron

    Another Google service cancellation

    The latest in the long line of products and services that Google have cancelled within a couple of years is "Pixel Pass": a 2 year subscription service which would get you a Pixel handset plus a bunch of paid Google services, at the end of which you could renew and get a newer Pixel to go with...
  13. K

    Issue with Zip Code Validation on Google Play Console Account Creation

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I am encountering while attempting to create an account on the Google Play Console platform. The concern revolves around the validation of my zip code during the account creation process. Despite inputting...
  14. S

    Button/tab/small icon

    I have a small tab/button thing with 2 of my apps that I can move up and down but cannot get rid of. Any suggestions? I have a Google pixel 7 running Android. Thank you!
  15. P

    Discussion Community for Google Chrome

    Where does Google have its discussion forums for Google Chrome browser? When I look for this in Google search I get nothing but dead ends It used to be easy to find this. I really dislike how dystopian the Internet is becoming. It feels like everything is turning into a useless black...
  16. RizbIT UK

    When google says this kind of app is not functional when it is...

    google claim that its not functionally possible for an Android device to estimate the weight of an object. I have proven this to not be true and via several clear video demonstrations I have shown that not only can you use your Android device to weigh objects but it can be quite accurate too...
  17. RizbIT UK

    google play target API level 31 or above

    In regards to the information shown in this tweet Developers need to update all their apps to target API level 31 or above to remain available to users on devices running Android OS higher than your app's target API level. but what happens if you dont update your apps to meet this?
  18. N

    What happens to my data if I uninstall Google Phone App updates

    If I uninstall updates to my Google Phone app, what will happen to data like recent calls, contacts, visual voicemail, etc.? Thanks.
  19. S

    App Inventor Google TV remote volume up/down not registering

    Hey all I have been trying to get my remotes volume up/down buttons to register in my app but they never seem to do anything when I press them? I have tried: public class CallBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {...
  20. S

    Can I choose which data or apps to restore from the Google Drive backup onto my Samsung Galaxy?

    Can I choose which data or apps to restore from the Google Drive backup onto my Samsung Galaxy?
  21. T

    Downloading (paid!) APK from Google Play & sideloading it?

    Hi all, kind of a weird question due to some special circumstances: I have an older (ca. 2019) Amazon 10" Fire tablet running something like FireOS 7.xx which AFAIK was still based on Android 5.x. I also have a Galaxy J-something smartphone (running Android 7.x IIRC) somewhere which I can't...
  22. P

    Any Way to Save Google Authenticator Information to Local Device?

    Like everyone else I have been forced to upgrade Google Authenticator to the new version that Google has connected to cloud accounts. I do not want to put two factor information in the cloud. Is there any way to export the two-factor information on my phone to an SDcard or to a file on my...
  23. Google

    4 ways to do more with Google on Samsung’s latest devices

    Here’s how to get the most of Android on the new Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5, Galaxy Watch6 series and Galaxy Tab S9 series.
  24. lajmonline

    Which brand of Android phones do you think is the best?

    Which brand of Android phones do you think is the best? Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, OnePlus, oppo, vivo, Lenovo, Asus, Google, realme, Redmi, iqoo, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, ZTE
  25. M

    Android Recent Photos vs Google Photos

    Hey y'all. Sorry if this mentioned earlier but I have an issue with my new phone. I was using S20+ earlier and now upgraded my phone to S23+ today. There wasn't any photos at my new phone but when I logged into the Google Photos that "Recent Photos" came up to my gallery. Does it have a...