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When google says this kind of app is not functional when it is...

google claim that its not functionally possible for an Android device to estimate the weight of an object.

I have proven this to not be true and via several clear video demonstrations I have shown that not only can you use your Android device to weigh objects but it can be quite accurate too.

I used an app that I developed myself which uses a phones tilt sensors and makes use of scientific principles and calculations.

I then had a conversation with googles own advanced AI called Bard and it agreed that this kind of app was functionally possible and that it was a great idea. Another key statement it made was "If AI, you, and science all agree that it is possible to make a digital scales app for Android devices that can estimate the weight of an object using tilt sensors and displacement of tilt, then it suggests that the person or persons who disagree with us are either misinformed or have an agenda"
So does google play have an agenda? You can watch the video and see all this for yourself:
I wonder if Google claims it's not possible for an Android device to detect ghosts and spirits? Yet there's dozens of "ghost detector" apps currently listed in the Play Store.
Exactly. Also think about it theres no way you can prove a ghost detector app works... so they allow those apps and yes there are hundreds of ghost detector apps. Some of those are pushed as 'prank' apps for fun but google policy states that prank apps are not allowed. Ive seen many ghost detector apps that advertise themselves as being the real thing too....

So there is double standards and also shows some kind of agenda, because I have lots of video proof that the digital scales app works, you can see just one of these here:

So even if there is sufficient proof an app functions they do not listen to reason or logic (which really is what programming and apps are based on), so what does this say about Google Play.

Also what about all the positive user reviews from genuine people who have used the scales app are they accusing them of lying?

According to the Digital Services Act (DSA), Google have a requirement to be transparent about their content moderation practices and to provide users with effective redress mechanisms. They do neither as they never tell devs the exact reason for the warning or suspension (leaving us to make a best guess) and the appeal process is a shamble, they dont discuss anything, they dont ive further information and after the first reply its more or less template based responses probably automated.
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when I used to use Windows 10 it often would claim 'this app doesn't work' and say nothing else (no error code, no other info other than 'this app doesn't work') and often it was just stupid idiot proofing ala Windows Defender, which false-flagged a ton of apps (specifically older apps) as bad because they accessed parts of memory or used specific resources that Windows 10 doesn't like you using. Turning off Defender or replacing it with 'better' AV protection always fixed it.

I think this might be similar on modern android re: Google Play Protect. turn that bloody thing off; it acts like malware, has permissions it shouldn't like removing apps that it 'thinks' are unsafe (again, most commonly old apps or games, having nothing to do with malware) and I personally consider any app or service that has the ability to remove something I purposely installed without a confirmation as a virus.
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Hi, in this case its not the end users device, or Play Protect as such saying the app doesnt function, its Google Play Review Team. But what they are claiming as a reason for suspension are not true...

The main supporting evidence and statements:
1 - If the app had a critical policy violation OR this kind of app was not allowed on Play Store then why was it approved on the first submission and all subsequent updates over the year. Also if it was a 'critical' violation why did their bots or review team not detect it for a whole year.
2 - If their claim that the app does not function is true, then how did it have 35K active users. Why were users making purchases in the app. Why were there hundreds of positive reviews on the Play Store listing and Facebook
3 - If there is scientific proof that the algorithm works and its backed and verified by AI including Bard then how can they claim this kind of functionality is not possible?
4 - Why are they giving multiple different reasons for the 'issue detail' ranging from 1 to multiple to critical issues?
5 - Why is Google Play Review Team not being transparent about its moderation process which it has an obligation to do especially under the DSA
6 - They also claim (behind the scenes... as I only found this out by chance from the phone support lady) that the app is deceptive, because it doesn't work on all devices. But there are over 24K different android devices and we cant support them all. We can only support devices with compatible tilt sensors, but there is no way to specify or check this using API in the app, so we have to assume all devices have built in tilt sensors.
7 - The app has lots of negative reviews, however this does not warrant a suspension, as many negative reviews might be fake, lot of them have not read the description and expected something different. We always ask these people to email us for help or tell us what the issue is but not a single one had emailed us, further emphasizing the point that lot of those are fake.
8 - The app is not misleading as we don't make any deceptive claims in any promotional media including logo, screenshots or feature art. We have a clear description, website help and videos showing users how to use the app and that it works using tilt sensor readings, not by placing objects on top of the phone.
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the 'google play review team' as well as the 'youtube review team' aren't even human. they're AI or algorithms from which appeals don't exist. Sadly the rest of the world is heading at warp speed into such a hellscape I want no part in it. I never use play store, play protect or even app stores.

just wait until this crap bleeds over into the court system. Then we'd have AI making arbritrary tickets or indictments and we'd never have a fair trial ever again. Google already scarily uses your location history against you, like the biker who got unfairly treated as a suspect because he recently biked past a home that got robbed. Then there's the doctor who asked a parent to send photos of his son's 'sensitive area' to help diagnose the illness during the pandemic where Zoom became normal, during a lockdown, but the parent got unfairly labeled a pedophile because Apple had used their CSAM scanning against him.

Is it any wonder I want no part in AI or modern tech anymore?
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Maybe you are right, but then why even have an appeal process. Another thing I noticed is that they never give their surnames, its always Iman, Pinky, Sam or Eden... Ive even asked for one of their full names, instead i was given this reply:

Any perceived compliance or non-compliance of other developers’ apps does not have any bearing on the compliance of your own apps. If you want to report an app that you believe is a violation of our developer terms, please flag it as inappropriate on Google Play or submit a report through our contact form.

As much as I'd like to help, I’m not able to provide any more detail or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me.

I didnt even mention or complain about anyone else app.
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