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sony ericsson xperia play

  1. C

    Help Totally dead Xperia play, can I get photos etc off?

    Hi, as per the title, my phone is dead, no lights, no charge just nothing. Anyway I am not concerned about that but really want to get some family photos off. The phone is so dead that it is not responding when connected to my laptop even, so is there any way that the photos etc can be...
  2. C

    Retreive data & more from 'screen issue' Xplay. Help!

    I am suffering the (seemingly common) non working screen issue on my Xperia Play. It seems there is a way to do a factory re-set but I need to access data saved on the phone (non sim contacts etc) and also get a look at all the apps that I have installed so I can re-install them in the event of...
  3. P

    how to install a firmware on at&t r800at play?..

    I have a xperia play 2.3.3 r800at at&t model and I would like to install a r800a generic 2.3.4 north america Im assuming generic means a vanilla no bloatware firmware to the play. I have the 2.3.4 firmware but what program and the steps to install it? The play is unlocked so will it stay...
  4. D

    XPeria PLay r800at problem

    When i connect my phone to my laptop, there is no notification of it getting connected. tried different USB cables, port, PCs, laptops, retested my phone to factory and setting reset, remove battery, remove Sim, memory card, but still not recognized. have latest PC companion but it just...
  5. O

    Help Need help accessing Xperia Play

    My Xperia Play's flex cable went bad. I can't get past the fuzzy purple screen. Is there anyway I can access my texts and missed calls, without having an app set up already on the phone? I have a cable coming in I bought online, but due to the holidays, I was told that it would be at least 2...
  6. W

    Root [ FIXED! ] NEED HELP ASAP! Boot loop

    I have an R800X for verizon Had 2.3.4 installed Managed to unlock bootloader and root afterwards, phone rebooted fine. Tried to follow steps to install recovery using the root explorer method to copy the bin and xbin folders to the system folders but was unable to set permissions. After...
  7. G

    Root Very simple guide to Bootloader unlock and root?

    So I have absolutely 0 knowledge on this so I hope someone could give me some advice. I'd like to put Ice Cream Sandwich on my Xperia Play(its the gsm one i don't know the model number). Any help would be appreciated
  8. S

    Root X10i lock code not working&ROM question

    Hi guys! Since yesterday my lock-screen code is not working and i can't figure out how to boot into recovery mode. I have an Xperia X10i. Also do you know of any good ROMs that work with my device? Thank you in advance!
  9. H

    Root Trying to root!! Getting error :( ??

    Hi, So im trying to root my Xperia Play R800 and using Flashtool to root it. I am getting the error "Waiting for device" and then 60 seconds later it tells me it didnt work. I installed many drivers but when in control panel theres still that "Unknown Device" so I was wondering what...
  10. level70steve

    Xperia Play 4G live unboxing

    Because of lack of coverage from T-Mobile using my Galaxy S3, I ordered a Sony Xperia Play 4G from Thailand. I got the sim cards from NET10/AT&T, it just has to be installed, reconfig'ed, and ready to go.
  11. O

    Root Repair Corrupt, Bad or Incorrect MEID/ESN Number

    I have a Sony Ericsson Play r800x that I just bought and the MEID says A00000000000000, I tried using DFS and writing the original MEID on the label back but it fails to work. Is there a way for me to correct this? I am not sure if it is an issue on DFS of putting a password in, I did the SPC...
  12. C

    com.android.phone keep on popping on my xperia play

    hi please help me i dont know how to fix my xperia play phone "the process com. android.phone has stopped" it keeps on displaying please help
  13. A

    Help google play error

    Hi , im trying to update order&chaos online and I keep getting error 498 . Anyone know how to fix ?? Already tried clearing cache Thanks
  14. T

    Help Icon and notification issues.

    Alright, so I have an R800x here that's giving me issues. I'm having an issue that happened once or twice before, but now it's getting more common. What happens is that at times the 3G/Wifi and signal bars will turn a florescent green, and then the notifications will go bonkers. One time it...
  15. J

    Help Browser restart plz help

    I own a AT&T Xperia Play that I have rooted. Ive have just recently rooted it a couple months ago. Just thought that was important to mention. This problem just recently started happening and I dont know how to fix it. Everytime I open up the browser I can only be on it for a minute the it gives...
  16. W

    Root OTA update without service?

    Is it possible to update to 2.3.4 from 2.3.3 without service, WHILE preserving root? Everytime I try to update It is either grayed out or it says server unavailable after 1~ minute. Much appreciated
  17. S

    Help Faulty touch screen

    So basically i'd like to start by saying the phone is from ebay so returning it is impossible etc etc. also it'd been working fine for a week prior to this.basically my touch screen gives absolutely no response when the gamepad isn't slid out. then when i slide out the gamepad i can use it...
  18. N

    Root xperia play restoring problem.. HELP!!

    i used to go into recovery mode through an app called x-parts and i formatted the system through recovery and instead of restoring through the backup i made i rebooted the phone and now my phone is stuck on the Sony Ericsson logo and since i have a backup in my sd card i can restore through...
  19. S

    Root Questions about Overclocking, upgrading and more

    So i recently ordered myself a sony ericsson xperia play from ebay. I wanted to know the pros, cons and dangers of overclocking my device. I'd also like to know the same for updating to android 4.0 on a custom rom. and one last question. I currently have a 4gb SD card, which works fine in my...
  20. JayTeeDee

    Root Sony Xperia Play R800x Black Screen Problem

    Hello, Fellow Androidianz:D I have a serious problem... Every time I boot My Xperia Play nothing shows up on my screen its just black, I can see that the screen is backlit. If I Just Turn it on regular, when i turn the volume up or down i can hear the phone ding every time it goes up or...
  21. C

    Help sd card problems

    i had some trouble with my experia a while back thinking it was a screen fault. the screen when locked when not reopen and remain black although the phone was still turned on. when i got my phone back i reinserted the memory card and i still had the same problem. when i remove it and insert a...
  22. G

    Accesories for Xperia Play

    I would like a case(maybe a gameboy one). But can't find anything on Amazon. Any suggestions?
  23. RioBaker737

    Help Help! Lost my keyboard

    So basically, some things kept going weird on my Xperia play, so I did a factory reset.After this reset, I suddenly have no keyboard! I have tried lots of things to get it to work again but I haven't been able to. I've tried doing another reset but that won't work. tried turning it on and...
  24. M

    Vinyl wrapped my phone

    Just thought I'd share this. Didn't like the chrome on this phone so I wrapped the sides in black vinyl wrap. Quick PS of what I wanted. Here are some pictures of the skin I have made for my phone with 3M vinyl wrap. I wanted to make it matte black but my friend had carbon fiber wrap...
  25. L

    Help Master/Hard Factory Reset on Xperia Play R800i [Preloaded Games]

    Hi everyone I bought an Xperia Play 2 months ago and I kind of messed up with it so I just wanna know if I Factory Reset my phone will I lose the preloaded games on my phone such as The Sims 3, Bruce Lee, Crash Bandicoot etc. ? Just in case I already backed upy contacts, pic etc. Any help will...