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sony ericsson xperia pro

  1. jigsaw93

    my build number

    i want flash my xperia pro but i dont know my build number. is it important? how can i find it? ( i have a bootloop problem)
  2. H

    Help launcher on SD - won't boot

    I stumbled upon this forum through this thread and was relieved to find that I'm not the only person stupid enough to make such a mistake. ;) Only I have a Sony Xperia Pro and no backup. I also uninstalled the Home Launcher and moved my custom launcher (Nova Launcher) onto the SD. I managed to...
  3. D

    Help Problem with Auto Correct

    Hi I have M16i with ICS, set to English (Australia), when I enter a text into a message the Auto Correct option is in another language, using Umlauts, Grave's, Acute's etc, how do I fix this? Thanks Daniel
  4. D

    Root Help with Root Xperia Pro MK161

    Hi I need to root my phone as the internal memory is full and I do not want to permanently remove any apps or data, and this is stuff I cannot move to the SD card. Looking around I am totally confused, I have no idea where to start, can someone please send me link to a site where it...
  5. P

    Help Sony Xperia Pro

    I seem to have lost all sound from my phone. No ring tones, notification etc. Have checked through all settings, rebooted. Taken battery out and restarted but to no avail. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks
  6. N

    Help Either broken screen or broken phone... what can I do?

    I have a Sony Xperia Pro with water damage. Immediately after it got wet, I took out the battery, dried the phone as much as possible and left it in desiccant for 24 hours (should have left it longer, I know). When I reconnected and turned it on, it started as normal, but the display colour...
  7. G

    Help Have to force reset every boot. How to troubleshoot?

    This problem has not coincided with any new apps or updates. I tend to shut down my phone every night, so I can't be disturbed at weird times (family emergencies can call the landline!), and to save battery power. However, in the last few days, I can not switch on, without removing the...
  8. Y

    Help Sony Xperia Pro cant start

    Hi, i have a xperia pro and when i turn it on , it freezes on the start screen that says sony ericsson and then resets and freezes there again, and starts that annyoing loop, i cant hard reset and i changed the battery, could someone tell me if is a software malfunction or a hardware...
  9. V

    Help Accounts & Sync missing

    Hello all. I have a X10 pro running Android 2.3.4. It's rooted and was working fine for months. I little while back (not sure exactly when), it stopped synchronizing the contacts & calendar. Upon investigation I've observed the following: There is no "Accounts & Sync" menu option in the main...
  10. A

    Help Xperia Pro slider problem.

    Hello everyone. I recently bought Xperia Pro and i love it but i got a problem with a sliding mechanism. Today it started to behave in a weird way, it sometimes does not recognise the phone to be slide out. Closing the phone always makes it go back to portrait but the other way around doesnt...
  11. M

    Help Android OS Battery Drain

    Hi all, To the point: The phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, with Android 4.0.4 (the latest for this model). For some time now my battery is draining very rapidly (from 100 to 0 in less than 24 hours without me even using the phone). I saw that the Android OS is keeping the phone awake the...
  12. I

    Help Clearing data from an App

    I want to clear data from whatsapp, just wanted to know what all things get deleted if anyone has tried it :) Thanks.
  13. The_broken

    Root Stock ROM

    So I've updated to ICS and the pain it brings is too great. I want to downgrade. I've rooted my phone. Now can anyone tell me what else I gotta do if I want to switch back to the Stock ROM? :D
  14. G

    Help OTG

    Hello L & G 1st of all sorry about my english. I have S.E.X Pro from over 1year. I dont have any issu with this phone. But i whant to use GAMEPAD by OTG with it,keybord & mose is working very fine by OTG but gamepad is not working (i allso ues Y cable). i am using STOCK ICS,ROOTED, some...
  15. C

    Help Sony Ericsson MK 16 - downgrade OS ?

    I am owner of Sony Ericsson Xperia MK16i (which I guess is this same what SE Xperia Pro). Some time ago I did upgrade of OS to the Android 4.0.4. That was VERY bad decision and now I am looking for way to downgrade my phone OS to 2.x. Does anyone know complete steps what to do/what to download...
  16. K

    Help Connection Issues with a newly purchased Xperia Pro?

    Hi, I had previously bought one and it worked great. I loved the phone, but due to some water damage it finally died on me. I recently purchased a new one off a friend, which was listed as unlocked. After putting the SIM card in, it seems to work great, although after usage I have discovered the...
  17. L

    receive calls with button

    Hi there, There is an option to end the phone call with the power button, so it may have the option for answering with the home button, but I could'nt find it. is it possible? Please advice :-) thank you
  18. O

    Help Calls/texts not sending/receiving

    Hi there, I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16a that I bought used. It is on 4.0.4, build number 4.1.B.0.587. It was working great for months, but recently it has been having issues with calls and texts. Sometimes, when I dial a number it will say "connecting", not ring, and disconnect...
  19. L

    Help Xperia Pro post ICS update keyboard issue

    OK, so my Pro has finally been up-dated to ICS, which is lovely and super and all that. However an odd (minor) issue has occured with the keyboard and it's not the QWERTY-AZERTY problem that seems so common. The mode toggle characters have now been "mixed-up" for lack of a better phrase, so...
  20. C

    Help camera images not saved in DCIM folder or anywhere else

    I can't find my jpg camera images anywhere on the SD card. In the DCIM folder, there's only a .thumbnails folder which contains the tiny versions. That folder contains a 108MB .thumbdata3- file. When mounting the phone in Windows Explorer (Win 7), I can't find them in any other directories. A...
  21. M

    Help Can't install apk's/low storage

    No idea what is going on here.. according to Windows I have 6.41GB free of the 8GB micro SD that is in the phone, but I can't install anything due to there being not enough space as far as the phone is concerned. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
  22. D

    Help I had an accident...

    I did something a but silly... My phone battery doesn't seem to last long enough when I'm out on a night. The phone is generally flat by 3am so I had a brilliant idea and bought a spare battery. Awesome. So the next day I charged up the phone and when it reached 99% charge I swapped the battery...
  23. A

    Help Default folders on SD card?

    Hi there, I just got this phone a couple weeks ago, and I've been pretty happy with it, but out of nowhere today the SD card that came with the phone stopped working. It won't read on my phone or my computer at all, so I switched to a new card. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all the...
  24. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Xperia Pro? You can contact us through...
  25. M


    Does anyone play GTA on pro? i installed v1.3 with neo data and i run the game quickly..but my pro hanged. whats the problem?