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sony xperia e

  1. Goey Suang

    Root HELP!Sony Xperia E1 Dual relock bootloader

    Hello guys,this is my first post on this forum.Yesterday,I rooted my Sony Xperia E1 Dual(D2105) and the next day I want to flash the custom ROM that i found in XDA...:):)But,its need the unlocked bootloader so i can flash it but i did it when i power on it stuck on a screen (loading...
  2. P

    Help Phone Freezes

    My phone freezes everytime I watch a video it also freezes when I just leave it, I was just wondering if I reset my phone would it still freeze?
  3. B

    Help Root SonyXperiaE3(D2203) practice

    After successfully root (SonyXperiaE3_D2203_android 4.4.4_v18.5.C.0.19) with Kingo Root should be access to all functions available. But this is not so, although Root Checker's report (see http://i.imgur.com/LTLpzxp.png http://i.imgur.com/hKAnNSi.png). Total Commander or another file manager has...
  4. B

    Root Failed root, what do I do? Sony Xperia E3 (D2203)

    I tried rooting my phone by following this tutorial. I flashed the kernel and installed super user through cwm. However, my phone will no longer boot properly, it just stays on the boot screen. I can access cwm if I restart the phone and I can access fast boot and perform more flashes if needed...
  5. D

    Can't get my Location

    Hi. I have an Xperia E and am able to connect to my home hub for emails no problem. But at the weekend I download the BT Wi-Fi app to connect to local hotspots. Problem is, when I open it starts I get the message "Getting your location" and then "Error getting current location". Does...
  6. D

    Lockscreen help

    So i just tried to disable the pattern lockscrenen from my xperia e1 but i cant disable it anymore! The none and swipe setting is grayed out and only the pattern,Pin and password setting is available... I tried rebooting the Device but nothing helped.Is it possible that the reason for this is...
  7. giannis97

    Help error 7

    hello i install turboics for xperia e single, but says status 7(error 7) something like that.. how to fix this? i install with the right firmware. :/ before one week i install and its good, now what happen? please help me!!
  8. giannis97

    build.prop xperia e single

    hello friends i want boost my battery level etc. with build.prop, please give me build.prop download link. or something else to put build.prop on my phone! i have jelly bean 4.1.1. and instruction please
  9. giannis97

    Help why the games lag? and how fix them?

    hey. i have xperia e single with 4.1.1 jelly bean, when i play games lag very very much, real racing 3 etc. why doing this? and how i fix this?My phone is rooted!
  10. J

    Screen doesn't light up when receiving text

    I've had the phone a while, but one thing that bugs me is that the screen doesn't light up when I receive a text. I have my phone on silent a lot so I used to rely on my phone lighting up when a text came... however since getting this phone, it has never lit up when a text was received. The...
  11. P

    Help Help

    I am still having the same problem with my money running out, but I can still go on the internet. Please somebody help.
  12. P

    Help Help

    I put money on my phone but a few minutes later it says there is no money on it. I don't know what to do.
  13. D

    Sony Xperia E switches off by itself!!!

    Hi! I have Sony Xperia E (C1505). It worked normally, but suddenly it started switching off by itself after a minute when it's not used, then it switches on and again off... What should I do?
  14. E

    Help sony xperia E internet problem i have never seen befor

    hello i have just gotten a sony Xperia E . and i try to connect to wifi . but it says limited connectivity when im on the network/ router. but my mothers mobile is perfecvt on the internet + ours pcs and we have a very good internet connection.
  15. Spec-Kie

    Help xperia e slow. help.

    alright guys. the missus has a xperia e and its really slow. and she isnt interested in getting a different phone. so my plan was to root it and put a custom rom on it to make it a fairly bit quicker. has any one on hede donethis? let me know please if it makes any difference to the perfomance...
  16. H

    Help How to display SMS in date order?

    My SMS messages on my Xperia E are displayed in what appears to be random order. How do I get them into data order, most recent first?
  17. B


    Hi I am new to this phone and don't know what a icon on the top bar means. It looks like a pair of hands cupping a small white battery. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
  18. M

    Help Xperia E not saving APNs

    Hi: I bought an xperia two weeks ago with android jelly bean. My SIM is from a prepaid company (Lebara) that uses the network of a local company (KPN Netherlands). The Problem is, I cannot save APNs. I introduce all data to create the APN, but when I change the MNC from 12 to 08 (as...
  19. A

    Can anybody give me Xperia E default alarm tone (Alarm.ogg) file?

    I like the default alarm tone but since I have not rooted my phone I cannot locate the alarm tone file and I don't want to root my phone. I also have searched for the alarm tone on the internet but was unable to find that specific alarm tone :( . So if anybody has rooted their Xperia E please...
  20. J

    Help what other models batteries fit the Xperia E?

    Trying to buy a spare battery for the Xperia E... I can not find one for it on ebay, amazon or play. What other models of Xperia's battery fits the Xperia E? is it a universal battery for the Xperia range?
  21. T

    what networks?

    I'm looking for a small android phone and found this one, but have no idea what networks you can get it with or use it on ? How do I find that out?
  22. F

    Help unfortunately, com.sonyericsson.usbux has stopped

    Hi All, Looking for some help after searching around on the error message of "unfortunately, com.sonyericsson.usbux has stopped" when ever I try and connect my Sony Xperia E via usb nor does it recognise my SD card (which works on other devices) A quick bit of background info on how I...
  23. J

    Does this phone offer alphanumeric or 4x3 keypad

    I am considering buying this phone, but i hate using QWERTY keypads on phones as the screen is often too small, does this phone have alphanumeric or 4x3 type keypad.. you know where 2 is ABC.. 3 is DEF etc. thank you
  24. K

    Help Help Updating Xperia E

    Hi i am new to this forum and after searching on via the internet i cant seem to find any guides on how to update the xperia e kernels or rom. I want to make my phone faster and improve battery life. Is there any rom's or kernels i can install?
  25. S

    Help Help me

    i was just wondering if any one knew what is the highest android system that the expira E(c1505) can take as at the moment i only have 4.1