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sony xperia u

  1. Smirnoff103

    Help Downgrading your Android version ?

    Hello, I have a Xperia ST25i (or Xperia U) and I experienced an issue with my contacts that my phone couldn't start the application anymore to view my contacts, very annoying indeed. So I updated my phone, and got a new Android version with it, but since then my phone is INCREDIBLE slow. It...
  2. P

    Help Keyboard disappear

    Actually I got a problem, whenever I use Cyanogenmod, Aosp or any other non-stock based ROM after some hours of flashing they start killing my keyboard (stock & third party both) I have done many solutions but I don't know how you guys using these kinds of ROM are not facing this problem or...
  3. N

    Root [General] Miui v4 vs 3G network

    I enable the Mobile Data Roaming but my 3G doesn't work. Not even an icon shows up on the status bar. I've tried to download 3g fix apps but that didn't work.. Any other suggestions? thanks in advance :)
  4. R

    Help deleted pictures recovery at xperia U, android 4.0.4

    Dear team, Last week I accidentally deleted all my photos from my Sony Xperia U (ST25i, android 4.0.4, only internal sdcard/memory) but I really need them back for my studies. I understood because I bought my phone as a early version as Android 2.3 en only upgraded it until 4.0.4, that its...
  5. M

    Help Flash player doesn't work

    Hey, I have a Sony Xperia U phone which I bought last spring and the flash player worked fine but now it doesn't and I really need it now to watch football (Real Madrid). I tried downloading it from google play store but it isn't there so then I went on flash player website but it said it isn't...
  6. P

    sound problem

    My microphone doesn't seem to be working on phone, when I make a call I can hear the person but they can't hear me, how can I fix this?
  7. A

    XU,XP, SD card (OTG mod,otg in verysmallform)

    Hi all, Such devices like Xperia U,P.... iPhones, and some other devices which have no external storage but USB OTG supported, can use SD card or pen drive with OTG. There are many kind of OTG cables, but it is very hard to carry an OTG cable & a card reader all the time, so i am thinking...
  8. R

    Help Sony Xperia U(ST25I) Original Rom.

    Sony Xperia U(ST25I) Firmware Pre-Requisite For Download 1. Downloader Program (Flash Tools) 2. Sony Xperia Mobile Phone 3. Data Cable 4. Firmware Firmware Download LINK Download file ST25i_6.0.B.3.184_Generic_World.zip Flash Tool LINK Download file Flashtool_Xperia2012.zip Warning...
  9. K

    lost my contacts

    I cant find in my gmail account my restored phone contacts, I read that you have to look in the left hand ... Of my phone , but I cant find where HELP I reset my phone because the memory wasnt working but it said that my phone will save my contacts on my gmail
  10. G

    Help Sony Xperia U (ST25) stuck in bootloop

    Hi, I have sony xperia U (ST25). The phone seems to be stuck in boot loop. I took out the battery and reinserted and switched on the phone. The phone would attempt to start (could feel vibrations), sony logo does not come up and then the phone restarts all over again. I tried connecting the...
  11. B

    Can I revert my phone back to the original operating system??

    Recently installed ice cream sandwich, and it came with a lot of unneeded apps. It slowed down my phone quite a bit. It now takes forever just to open up and see my messages, plus my messages has been crashing. Also, the browser is now crap. Anytime I navigate to another tab, when I go back the...
  12. S

    Help Sony Xperia U play store problem.

    Okay let me explain from begining.I rooted my Xperia U 2 months ago after upgrading to ICS,everything was fine.I didn't install any rom or anything I just wanted to run GameCIH.And after a while,I installed Bluestacks on my PC for using Whatsapp(since I was not having my phone)(Will Bluestacks...
  13. X

    Help xperia u not starting up!!!

    hi! .....my xperia u has stopped working as a while ago it was working then suddenly the phone got switched off (25% battery still remaining)......and now its not starting up.....its not even showing the sony logo on the start up....the screen is totally blank. i have tried out "the remove...
  14. S

    Help unabling conversion from sms to mms

    Hello guys! I hope someone can help me and forgive if I am not so skilled in the matter. The problem is: blocking conversion from sms to mms in Sony Xperia U st25. I read in various forum that I could resolve this problem going to"messages setting", then to "writing mode" and there selecting...
  15. T

    Help (Gmail)Email not registering! Need help!

    My phone for some reason keeps thinking that both my emails are invalid. I cannot register them because it keeps saying setup could not finish: username or password. Both my emails work on the computer and on the phone browser. I followerd the instructions of manual setup(only on Imap) and still...
  16. Davdi

    Updated XPeria U to 6.1.1.B.1.100

    I've just flashed thus over .54 which was unstable and very laggy. It's from the German 3 network, but I've uninstalled everything I can and disabled the 3 specific apps. It feels much more responsive, I'll post an update afet a couple of weeks. I've also downloaded , but not flashed, this...
  17. K

    Help Unable to prepare phone for update

    Sony PC Companion asks me to prepare my phone for an update. Even though I follow the steps to the tee, it doesn't continue with the update.
  18. Davdi

    Root Problems unlocking bootloader.

    I've been following the instructions from Sony's site, I've got an unlock key OK. the phone goes into fastboot mode (blue light) bit won't connect to the PC (Win7). I've downloaded and installed the drivers as per the guide, but can't get fastboot to see the phone. I've unlocked the...
  19. M

    Help process com android phone not responding

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I own a Sony Xperia U. I have upgraded it to ICS this april, since then whenever i am on a call for more that 10 minutes, my phone gets stuck and the message "process com android phone not responding" pops up. I have to stop the process, which disconnects my...
  20. E

    Help Sony Xperia U keeps cutting out during calls.

    Hi there, My girlfriend has just bought an Xperia U and it seems fine except for whenever she receives or makes a call, it just randomly hangs up the call and she has to keep ringing back. Do you any of your guys know whether this is a common problem to this phone generally or whether this...
  21. E

    Help Doesn't detect sim card after unboxing.

    Hello there, I recieved my Xperia U today and on first startup I got prompted with not having inserted my sim card. I've tried everything, upgrading to ICS, resetting, factory resetting, repairing using the Sony Companion/Update Service. Nothing seems to work. I've even put in 3 different sim...
  22. A

    Help Media Volume Problem!

    Good afternoon, a few days ago I noticed that the volume of multimedia, my U, when I restart it, it does reset (to media volume), yet here a few weeks ago, I was reading on the topic of Xperia Go, (the post is no longer there), it was the Zedge, but I do not know if it is true, can you confirm...
  23. M

    Help Some Problems with XPeria U

    I'd like to list some problems I have had with the phone and ask if there are any solutions that people here may suggest? > The phone rings but the answer slider takes a number of seconds to load, particularly if the phone has been inactive or when using apps. > After using the slider to...
  24. A

    Help xperia u wont connect to pc

    i have tried all of the options from different forums to connect my mobile to laptop but failed. is there any possibility that i can connect my xperia u with the laptop. i am running windows 7, whenever i plugged the usb to the phone, it just charging. nothing in the device manager, no new...
  25. A

    Help sony experia u

    Hi All My Daughter has an experia u and has locked her password on the first screen and cant remember the pattern or any other password how can i factory reset this as i cant get onto the phone at all. many thanks