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sony xperia z1

  1. R

    network problems like imei err after flashing Sony Xperia z1 c6902 using Sony Xperia flashtool Emma

    Hi I am Rupesh from India and recently I have barrowed Sony Xperia Z1 c6902 mobile from my friend. when I brought my mobile he has upgraded os to lollipop 5.0.1 and twrp was installed. when I brought my mobile volume output was very low and so I have flashed dolby_digital_plus using twrp I was...
  2. R

    unable to get sound from internal and external speakers of Sony Xperia Z1(c6902)

    Hi I am Rupesh from India and recently I have borrowed Sony Xperia Z1 from my friend and before borrowing he has updated os to lollipop ie., 5.0.1 When I borrowed clear audio plus was working and dolby atmos was installed. From the beginning sound output was very low using headphones and...
  3. Becky wright

    Keyboard vibrate how do I turn it off??

    Hi I've search hundreds of forums trying to find the answer and I've tried what there said but when I go in the language and input settings I don't have the setting button at the side on the keyboard I've uploaded a image to show what I mean, it's driving me crazy if anyone can help of I'd be...
  4. Sqoats

    Deleted some texts, now my phone is running slower? Recieving double texts?

    I'll try give as much background as possible, this may take a bit to explain fully. I am using Handcent SMS as my texting app and android version 5.0.2 In the past, my phone would have trouble sending texts that were well over 50 pages long (approximately 150 characters*50, so texts longer than...
  5. K

    Help Xperia Z1 and no compass

    Hi All, I have a brand new Z1 from China. I had Android 4 something. I have user USB cable and PC Companion to flash the latest system 5 something. To be honest with you I have not tested compass on the previous system, but the device is not even detected in Service Menu. In all the specs I have...
  6. J

    Help Motherboard compatibility Xperia Z1 C6943-C6903

    Does anyone know tell me if mother board xperia z1 6943 is compatible with 6903?
  7. Grahamotto

    Help WiFi/Bluetooth problems

    Hello I often stream music using the Spotify app over Bluetooth to a sound system but I noticed when connected to WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time my Internet connection really sucks and it won't stream music without disrupting also it takes forever to even load up google in chrome or...
  8. P

    Download Free Music

    Hello, I'm switching over from Apple iPhones and had a couple of questions regarding downloading music on an xperia z1: How easy is it to download free music using only the phone? i.e. Can I download mp3 files using the internet browser? Once downloaded, does it go into the default music app or...
  9. S

    Backup/restore for xperia z1

    Hello. My phone is xperia z1. I wanna backup all my user and system apps. After formating my phone, I wanna restore them as they are arranged previously before formating. Please, look at the below picture, I wanna restore them as it is shown in the picture. I do not want to sort them one by one...
  10. Glasmale26

    Help Z1 sound issue

    Hi, I bought my z1 second hand. It was fine but on a couple of occasions I dropped it and had terrible trouble getting it to come back on, all the reset stuff didn't work and ofcourse you can't open the back and pull the battery. Anyway yesterday this happened again and no matter what I did it...
  11. thisISjoel

    Help Issues since update?

    Hey guys, my mum has a Z1 and she recently got the 5.0.2 (I'm pretty sure that's the one) update and she's been having a few issues since. Call quality has dropped, people on the other end sound robotic, especially when using bluetooth and she sounds muffled/quiet to the people she's taking...
  12. SavageRobot

    Root Busybox

    Somewhere in the "how to" rooting thread I think it was mentioned that you can't install Busybox or you lose recovery. Is that still the case? As I'm sure you need busybox for the like of Viper4Android and several other things. I assume this warning was only valid for the earlier rooting /...
  13. SavageRobot

    Root Flashing own stock ROM from Flashtool

    I'm currently running a custom ROM on 14.5.A.0.207 but I always seem to have problems with custom Lollipop ROM's so was thinking about trying stock instead and just finding what mods I want myself. I think I heard somewhere (but want to check first before I mess up) that you can just untick...
  14. SavageRobot

    Help Boot Loop still covered insurance?

    I tried flashing a new ROM to Z1, all looked well until I reset and now get stuck in boot loop. Can't get into recovery so guess I have lost this too. If I connect to flash tool it connects in flash mode for exactly 1 minute then disconnects and boot loops. I have a feeling the phone is...
  15. A

    Help Battery Charges upto 50% only??

    Hi. This is a bit difficult for me to follow so please guys i need your help on this one! i have an xperia z1 and it's working well until yesterday. I plugged it in my charger as usual but it only charged upto 50% only. I tried the power off and up volume thing but nothing happens. It stays only...
  16. El Presidente

    Help Lollipop woes

    In short, I hate it. Hitting the recent apps button brings up every single app I've ever opened ever (I know this was a generic Lollipop bug and is fixed in 5.1). If I open any music app, minimize it, then open facebook, the web, my kindle app or any app tbh, after 5-10 seconds, music will...
  17. El Presidente

    Help Backup & Restore App

    I'm getting a replacement handset tomorrow. I'm a massive advocate of root, but weighing up everything I use root for & the length of time II'll be using it before my upgrade, I'm probably not going to root it. I do want to backup all my current apps etc though so rather than use...
  18. S

    Help Flashing Xperia Z1 with Lollipop firmware5.0 problem

    I had this problem while flashing my phone Xperia Z1 with Lollipop firmware Here is the error comes after i choose the firmware and then press the flash button as you see this error 24/031/2015 14:31:08 - ERROR - Cannot delete C:\Flashtool\.\firmwares\prepared\boot 24/031/2015 14:31:08...
  19. SavageRobot

    Root Lollipop with Root

    I am currently running [ROM][C69xx][.157][LB/UB]DstrikerZ1 Kai ROM 5.0 [Z3 meets MATERIAL DESIGN][19-Feb] and I want to try the Lollipop update when it is uploaded shortly [5.0][Z1 series][LB/UB][Advanced]RockZ1l_basic lolly_v1 Deodex/most advanced mods looks like I need to have a rooted stock...
  20. El Presidente

    Lollipop rolling out now

    Apparently: http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/04/13/sony-lollipop-rollout-hits-xperia-z3-dual-z1-z1-compact-and-z-ultra/ But, I'm probably not going to update. I have it on my tab and I'm not a massive fan. I've only a few months left with the Z1 anyway and KitKat does all I need it to, so...
  21. SavageRobot

    Help Change Icons

    Hi Guys, Is there a way to change icons without changing theme or launcher? I'm sure I saw the option somewhere but I can't find it now. I am rooted and also looked through Xblast and Gravitybox but I can't see any option anywhere, am I being blind?
  22. Darrenr75

    Help JPG Problems

    Hi, I plugged a microSD card into my Xperia, formatted it and then transferred all of my pics/videos to it. Now only around 15% of 500 images are actually opening/working. I then plugged the microSD card into my laptop and get various errors depending on which photo-software I use, including...
  23. El Presidente

    XperiFirm Firmware Downloader

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/crossdevice-dev/sony/pc-xperifirm-xperia-firmware-downloader-t2834142 I saw this recommended in another thread. You can use it to download the latest available firmware for your any Sony device. Once downloaded, you can then use Flashtool to decrypt and create...
  24. El Presidente

    Help UK Unbranded Customisation ID

    If your handset is a UK unbranded, can you let me know your Customisation ID please? You'll need to open the dialer/phone app, enter *#*#7378423#*#* then Service Info -> Software Info and Customisation ID should be about a quarter of the way down the page. Once done, just keep hitting back...
  25. El Presidente

    Xperia theme creator

    How awesome is this? Sony have released a theme creator which will allow you to create your own themes for sony devices! https://developer.sony.com/downloads/tool/theme-creator/ I'm downloading and installing now. If I conjure up anything semi decent, I'm happy to share. :) Source article...