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t-mobile g2

  1. hipster7929

    Help kitkat on LG server

    Can the new kitkat update be installed directly on the phone or must you connect to a PC? Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Root Help rooting with Superoneclick

    Ok. I attempted to root user the Superoneclick way. It installed Superuser. However failed root checker. Also, Superuser says it has an update but when i try to update i get the "SU Binary not found". I just want to root so I can remove factory installed apps........thats all. What can I do?
  3. T

    G2 Users still out there?

    How many people are still using their T-Mobile G2? Mine is still working, but I need to reboot it each day to make sure it is fast. I wish they would make a T-Mobile G3...
  4. Z

    transferring my contacts

    What way would you propose to transfer my contacts from a SonyErikson K750i to a HTC G2? Half of my contacts are located on my sim card and the other half are on K750i's memory! Any ideas?
  5. Z

    Root clean install with best OS

    Hello, a friend just gave me his old HTC G2 1. what is the best AnroidOS that can be used in this phone in terms of speed? 2. how can i wipe out all his stuff (anything that he has created on the phone), how do i do that? 3. how can i make a clean install on the latest version of Android that...
  6. N

    T-Mobile G2: keys remapped - help!

    My phone keys have been remapped. I downloaded my first 3 applications from Google and today, the 'e' key brings up all apps starting with 'e'. maybe it always did that?? but if I'm in messaging, and I press 'e', I will be transported to email. So I can't use an 'e' anymore in messages -...
  7. E

    Help Data Failure: Repeated attempts but never connects

    Hello. I've had a HTC G2 with t-mobile for about 3 years now with Android 2.3.4 (never rooted). Yesterday the phone suddenly lost the ability to connect data networks. The data connection icon appears for a few seconds staying white in color (a green color indicates full connectivity) then...
  8. A

    Root I can't boot past green htc and white screen

    About 2 months ago my t-mobile g2 was rebooting and was loading the cynanogenmod 10.1 os then it rebooted automatically and since then when I try to boot the t-mobile g2 it won't get past the htc green and white background screen and will reboot automatically over and over untill I remove the...
  9. C

    Help g2 touch screen out of order

    the touch screen has gone out completely. so have the home, menu, back and search buttons. the phone is stuck in car mode and airplane mode. thus completely unusable. I'm thinking something infected the phone and that this isn't just a touch screen problem because there is no reason for it to...
  10. J

    Root Thinking of rooting phone - recommendations?

    I've had my T-Mobile/HTC G2 for ages, and it's still on Android 2.3. I'd like to root the phone and install another OS: perhaps Cyanogenmod, or some other Android variant. However, I've been told that this will slow down my data connection, and make calling less reliable. Is there any Android...
  11. U

    Root Need help restoring to stock

    Good day to you all Sirs. I am from Nigeria. I gave my friend my HTC G2 fone for a research work. He mistakenly deleted/wiped my fone's operating system and every other thing in it. Right now, my fone is blank though it still powers on up to the HTC logo. I am very confused right now because I...
  12. Y

    Root G2 is Freezed, Problem While rooting & accidentally formatted system/data folder

    I tried to root my phone, I successfully dowgraded but when rooting it appeared to be ok in CMD, but when rebooting my phone it didn
  13. isis67

    Help So confused! Which phone for me is...

    Hi I have a G2 for 2 yrs, lately its acting up on the web, since I have a monthly plan, after 100mb it goes to 2G..and even with a lot of towers in my area & using wifi from my cable company, it stops! When on 2G or wifi it just looses connection. I have to reboot alot. Frustrating., I love...
  14. isis67

    Help My G2 dosent stay on 2G ??

    Hi I am in an area with a lot of towers, and I have internet on my computer. Latley, since I am on a pay monthly plan, I get 2G quickly after 100 MB used, so, I turn on wi-fi and it either connects or it doesn't! Sometimes it stays on but all of a sudden....no signal. Is there a problem with...
  15. D

    should I get the galaxy note II?

    I like having an actual keyboard, I have enjoyed my G2, however the data signal seems to have gotten worse, my area seems to have spotty service and every since they supposedly wend 4G it got slower. One annoying thing about my G2 is every few days it will develop a problem where while texting...
  16. R

    Help JIBwich 1.3 Missing PlayStore and Gmail

    Good Morning Android fans, So I finally rooted my phone and installed the ClockworkMod with all the other necessary apps for Rooting. (via the Cynogenmod guide/wiki: wiki.cyanogenmod. com /wiki/TMobile_G2:_Rooting) However, during the process since it said installing Apps was optional, I just...
  17. D

    Help HELP PLEASE!! The Left Side of my G2 is not working!

    Hello Everyone. My Tmobile G2 is well over a year old, and for the past 4 months or so the left side of my phone, Home Button and up are insensitive to touch! The crazy part is that it fixes itself every month or so and then everything works fine for a couple of days and then it randomly stops...
  18. C

    Help car mode won't go away

    :confused:car mode icon in the notification window won't go away. keeps popping the phone into car mode. i click "exit car mode" and the icon stays in the notification bar then after a random amount of time it pushes the phone back into car mode. I woke up on the couch with a dead battery last...
  19. F

    Root Phone stuck on HTC splash screen, no idea what to do.

    Idon't know much about how to install a rom. I Installed CM7 using a guide but the rom ended up being buggy and kept crashing constantly. I decided to try and restore the original factory android 2.2 rom, using "PantsROM", as it was the only one that I could find. I did it through Clockwork...
  20. S

    unable to update to android 4.0

    I am unable to update my htc sensation 4g to android 4.0 ICS. At the rnd of the download it says the software download is corrupted. I bought this unlocked from ebay. I got no idea if its rooted or not. Can anybody help me solve this problem?
  21. A

    Root Could use some help rooting my G2 - details inside

    Need some help with rooting my G2 On T-Mobile here's the basic info: any help is appreciated.
  22. J


    I sincerely hope that the rumors/pics about a G3 are true. I love the keyboard and everything else about this phone and would love to be able to upgrade to another phone with a keyboard.
  23. L

    Help My center button has never worked...

    I have had my G2 for a little less than a year and the button in the center has never worked.. Is there any way to fix this? And what does it even do? Lol
  24. J

    Root Help w/ rooting on 2.3.4

    I guess I'm a "noob" at this but I want my G2 rooted and I need the most updated tutorial. It's IMPOSSIBLE for me. Help?????? PS. I tried VISIONary and it did nothing
  25. A

    Help **Problem with Car mode feature"

    Hi I have a Tmobile G2. I bought it several months ago used. It has been an overall good phone. However, about a month ago, it started to randomly go into 'car mode' when I plug it into my home wall charger or car charger. When I am charging it, and in the middle of a text it will take me to...