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t-mobile g2x

  1. A

    Help Help with fixing LG G2x/ LG P-999 screen!!

    This morning I dropped my LG G2x/P-999 Phone on my tile floor and it fell flat on the screen, when I picked it up the screen did not have a scratch or crack on it however when i turned on the display a bunch of colors and vertical lines appeared on the screen (PLEASE CHECKED ATTACHED FILE FOR...
  2. K

    Root Trying to get into Recovery to flash new ROM

    I had decided to upgrade my phone to CM 7.2 but forgot the reason why I never went up was because the in call sound was broken. I fixed my baseband issue so now my phone is working properly again. It's back on stock with 2.3.4 Android though. Now I want to upgrade to the EB ICS 4.04 but I can't...
  3. P

    Help A network error has occured

    Tried some of the things listed above, none of which worked. :-( This is a T-Mobile G2X. I wish there were some consolidation of the tips here. To try each one, only to encounter failure, gets trying on the nerves, especially when I'm under a deadline to get some data online and I can't because...
  4. J

    Help Unable to Use Custom Dock Background in ADW Launcher

    I found a setting to change the background for the dock in ADW. ADW Settings>Themes>Customize Mix Themes. But when I change the "Main Dock" to a custom background it reverts back to "unchanged." Is this a bug or am I missing something. James
  5. L

    Help google play app

    is anyone else having issues with continuous stream with google music play? i have to manually start the next song everytime. re installed updates and the app and everything still having this issue on my phone. any ideas? thanks
  6. M

    Help Mobile Network Errors LG P999

    Let me first say that I have no clue about rooted phones, however I enjoy trying to fix things and this is just a phone that was given to me and I wanted to tinker with it and see if I could figure out the problem. The problem is that it gives a error when searching for mobile networks. It works...
  7. Z

    Help Unlocking G2X for At&t

    Does anyone know how to unlock the G2x for at&t without having to pay for a code?
  8. J

    Help Sound Issue

    I have the incoming call volume set to max but I can't hear the incoming ringtone unless I sitting right next to my phone. Is there an app hat can enhance the volume?? James
  9. C

    Root Can't make any phone calls on Tmobile G2X

    Hey guys, I recently rooted my phone on my Tmobile G2X only to find out that I messed something up. I used the same ROM to revert to another flash thing. It's kind of like a factory reset. The problem now is that every time I make a phone call, once I'm connected (Person picks up the...
  10. D

    Root Weird bugs

    I recently sold my phone, I had it rooted and had clockworkmod installed and everything. I was rushing because the guy was on his way so I threw a new ROM on it (Hellfire 2.3 I believe) and deleted all the other files on the sd card (cwm, data, dcim, media, etc.) so no files were left on it...
  11. H

    Root Weird question about replacing Android OS on phone

    My mom has a G2X and she no longer uses it- she has since gone with another phone company. We were playing around with the phone and realized it still makes a decent little "mini tablet". Thing is, it would do a little better if it didn't think it was a phone, but just a wi-fi tablet so it would...
  12. X

    Help How to turn the number of messages in messaging app?

    Hey guys is there anyway to turn off the number of messages you have sent/received from a person? Like in the messaging app you would see Example: Bryan (200) <--- how to turn that off?
  13. S

    Root Lg G2x not receiving text messages after flashing eagles blood

    hi i just flashed eaglesblood on g2x. i can only send text messages but i can't receive any. i can only receive text messages if wifi calling is on please help me.
  14. J

    Help Pico TTS 1.0

    I uninstalled Pico TTS. Now every time I boot the phone I am unable to do anything. Nothing happens when I tap something until I tap the hard back button. Luckily I have a backup of Pico. Any ideas why one app could cause this? James
  15. S

    LG P999 info

    Hi guys. Yesterday I got brand new LG P999 (T-mobile i think, On the box is LG-999,not G2X), although I live in Europe In settings options under about phone tab are following details: android version 2.3.4, kernel, built GRJ 22, baseband m6600a-scautnz-2.09720t...
  16. M

    Root G2x Recovery Mode Erasure

    Hi, first post, and attempting to stick to forum rules and customs as much as possible... I have a question about recovery mode on my T-Mobile G2x (LG Optimus 2x). A couple months back, I was finally looking into modding and choosing a ROM. However, before doing any of that, I thought it...
  17. digit27

    Root SetCPU - Set On Boot

    I used setcpu to set max to 750 MHz. I dont have 'set on boot' checked, but when I restart it is still set to 750 MHz... Is that normal?
  18. S

    Help HELP again with my LG G2X PLEASE!

    I have had so many problems with this phone. I am going on my 6Th phone that T-Mobile keeps sending to me refurbished at that. I spoke again with head manager and they finally agreed to send me a different phone . I don't want another G2X! My question is they will only send me a T-Mobile My...
  19. H

    Can't Delete/Move Icons From Home Screen

    Sorry if there was a thread on this topic. I looked, but didn't come across one. I recently ran into this problem where I can't do anything to the icons on my home screen. Usually when I longpress an icon I can move or delete it, but now none of those options pop up. I rebooted my phone 3-4...
  20. B

    What is the current warranty replacement situation?

    I am having issues with my G2X (no surprise). I wanted to find out if they are still replacing the G2X with a refurbished G2x, or if they are replacing with a different device.
  21. T

    Help LG G2X Overheating

    So a while back I flashed my G2X to CM7.2 and then flashed the Kernel to the faux kernel. The first few days went great and I had no problems and everything was running great, now since I have been at college instead of at home I've been having a lot of weird problems. First it will lag terribly...
  22. M

    Help HELP PLEASE: I bought a used G2X and can't hear anyone unless I use earphone or click Speaker button

    I just bought a used T-Mobile G2X and I can't hear anyone during a phone call unless I use my earphones or click the "Speaker" button but apparently they can hear me. And yes, I do have my phones volume up. This phone is NOT rooted. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Thank you very...
  23. J

    Root Prooblems Rooting With Super One Click

    I rooted my G2x before but I'm have issues now. I unrooted it because of some issues. An the and unrooting had problems but it did unroot. I no longer have Super Usre and Titanium Backup tells me that. Now when I try to root the phone Super One Cklick onbly gets so far and stops responding...
  24. J

    Help Home Screen "Hangs" After Uninstalling Pico TTS

    I uninstalled Pico TTS (might have been Pica TTS) using Titanium Pro. I didn't make a backup. I froze it ptrior to uninstalling it and even then whenever I would boot and get to my Home screen nothing worked except the Notification screen and the volume buttons. None of the icons responded to...
  25. J

    Root Can't Add Titanium Backup to Screen

    I rooted my phone a while back and was using Titanium Backup Pro. I did a factory data reset and then reinstalled Titanium Pro. But, I'm unable to add it to any screen. It doesn't show up in the app drawer. Only in Manage Applications. I still see Super User so I'm assuming my phone is still...