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t-mobile sidekick 4g

  1. R

    T839 battery was loosing power

    I won't really go into battery life, but the original battery of my Sidekick 4G T839 is loosing power and its maximum is only half day. Believe it or not, this new mpj battery is my first replacemnt battery over 2 years. The battery lasts just as good as (or even better) the stock battery when I...
  2. L

    Help first ROM install guidance

    This is my first attempt to install a ROM, and I am finding many variances of what I need to proceed. I have my device, a ROM I think looks best, Google Services for that ROM, and a computer with Android SDK ready to go. Some tutorials seems to want me to use certain set of tools, and often I...
  3. L

    Help where can i find sk4g rom now?

    I am digging for a SK4G rom of any sort, but am hitting more dead links than bodies at Normandy. The main thing I am looking to do is fix a broken IMEI and a couple defective stock apps. Where can I find roms now? Today's offerings just plain are not up to par in the useability department...
  4. septembergurl

    fix for MMS sending/receiving issue

    I've had this issue on two phones since I've been with T-Mobile starting in April 2013. So I know it's not just my Sidekick 4G. I've tried a lot of things after chatting with 5 T-Mobile reps about having a problem not being able to send/receive MMS, and finally this is the fix I've found (was...
  5. D

    Root sidekick Message Tones

    Hello really jus need one msg tones titled "Check yo messages cuzz.. if ANYONE couldpost a link to download that would b great:D
  6. RicAndroid

    Root [ROM]ICS Redux v1.4.3 Bi-Winning for SK4G (12/10/12)

    Hello, everyone. I used to port themes for the Sidekick 4G over at xda-developers. I got tired of the drama so I'm going to give this a shot. This is based off of Reviewers ICS Domination v2.0 and I ported over Bi-Winning Redux to it. Enjoy my rom! I take no risk if you brick...blah,blah,blah...
  7. W

    Help replacing Sidekick. Questions from a less than observant user.

    About a year ago I had my fill of my Iphone. I switched to the Sidekick/Android platform, and have not missed the I-os at all one bit. I need a bit of advice as my Sidekick 4g has died. Here is where I should have paid attention. Moving from an Iphone to the android I had NO sim card and...
  8. D

    Where to buy sidekick 4g

    Hy, Im from austria and wanna buy one sidekick 4g but where? Ebay? Amazon? I wanna a original and not a replica KG
  9. M

    Help message stuck in the notification bar.

    the other day i deleted all of my texts, as i was doing this i got one in the inbox and deleted it before it could give me the notifications. after i deleted it i got the notifications and now it is stick in the notification bar. i have tried resting my phone SmS cleaner and tried clearing all...
  10. I

    Root Flashing Custom Rom to Sidekick 4g

    Hello! I'm officially going nuts! I've looked all over the forum here and all over the internet for a solution to my problem. I have tried pretty much everything I have found online to fix this but nothing is working. I used SuperOneClick to root my Sidekick 4G. I have tested root and I have...
  11. O

    Root Help with rooting?

    Okay so ill try and keep this as short and to the point as possible. I always seem to say a little to much like now lol. But basically I'm in the process of learning the ins and outs of all androids and iphones. But the one thing that is giving me a run for my money is rooting androids. I CANT...
  12. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Sidekick 4G? You can contact us through...
  13. R

    Root What went wrong with development ?

  14. S

    Help Display is draining battery

    Hey i'm new here but before you list suggestions i could do here's what i'v done. 1. Factory Reset my phone (didn't work) 2. I keep Wi-fi, auto rotation, and gps off 3. I put the brightness all the way down and shut off auto brightness 4. I put the screen time-out at 15 secs. 5. I'm always in...
  15. J

    Help Sidekick 4g screen issue Help!

    i have a sidekick 4g and i been having a annoying problem with the phone the touch screen most of the time is unresponsive but sometimes work so like when i do the pattern lock it will start doing random stuff like im touching different parts on the screen when im not so it just goes out of...
  16. L

    Root Flashing this phone to metropcs

    So my friend is selling me a good sidekick 4g for 20$ and im intrested but. I have metro pcs and I do not know if I can flash this phone over. I heard that metropcs has stopped flashing over phones so may i get some help?
  17. J

    Root [ROM] Glorious Overdose V3.3 [Updated on September 3RD, 2012]

    GOV3.3 (Or Simply Glorious Overdose V 3.3) GO v.3.3. changelog : LEAN-PERFORMANCE Build This build is for power-users, people who want the most speed and performance out of their phone, with the best stability. You make sacrifices to stay up-to speed. Like a launcher change, or default...
  18. S

    Help Connectivity issues - Sidekick 4G

    Just recently, my phone (Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile) is having connectivity issues. I'm able to text and call, but I cannot use the internet, check my email, receive pictures/videos through texts, etc. I don't know what to do.
  19. B

    Help Receive Pictures

    So I just got this phone. I however don't have data on my plan so I turned off the receive packets check box in settings. But now if someone sends me a picture I can not recieve it. It says downloading but I dont think it is really downloading. How can I get around this? Also, I have wifi rightnow
  20. ncmacasl

    Wish List for the next Sidekick (4G LX?)

    Any Wish Lists for what the Sidekick 4G LX (I am guesstimating the new name of the Next Generation model) should have?? My list: * A bigger screen (closer to 4 inches). * Full Unicode Support, including manual entry of symbols (like Alt+#### on PCs and similar to older Sidekicks). Support for...
  21. D-U-R-X

    Sidekick 4G FAQ's (WIP)

    This is a work in progress... Please continue to post support questions in the forum, but feel free to add to the FAQ's and we will update this post (to avoid information being lost later in the thread). 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  22. A

    Help Google+ hangout

    I am trying to do a google + hangout on my phone, but for some reason when I enter the hangout it only shows what the camera on the back of my phone is facing. It will not let me switch to the forward facing camera. I know that camera works bc I skype on my phone all the time. I also just...
  23. O

    Help Help! I suddenly get no signal on my phone

    So here's the sitch. I can no longer use my phone at work. I have a t mobile sidekick 4g. The issue started Monday. I've never gotten 4g at work, but I would get a a signal so I could text and use apps like iheartradio. But as of Monday, the second I walk into the building my signal drops to...
  24. A

    help ASAP My sidekick randomly turning off AFTER I reboot it?

    Yesterday my phone started acting weird. It would shut off for no reason and go from having a battery level of %80 to %15 within minutes. I'd be pulling the battery and hitting the power button every 2-3 hours. This morning, in addition to that problem, I had no data connectivity without wifi. I...
  25. R

    Help IT just randomly stopped vibrating when i get texts?

    My sidekick just randomly stopped vibrating when i put on vibrate mode, but only with text messages. if i get a fone call it will vibrate but not a text message. My sidekick 2008 did the same thing after a while too, so it might just be a sidekick problem. If anyone has any advice or a way to...