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  1. codezer0

    OnePlus unsatisfactory. Need something else, but what?

    In some ways, a continuation of this thread. Help - Upgrade or service loss deadline approaching Preface: After as long, simply, I'm very disappointed in my Nord N20. Battery life is still not anywhere near where it should be. This summer has already had me encounter a few too many times...
  2. Windroid

    Mint & Utra Mobile Purchased by T-Mobile

    Mint & Utra Mobile were purchased by T-Mobile. The first comment on Mint Mobile's video sums up my feelings: That's what happened when Sprint bought Nextel! What made Nextel Nextel went away, and Sprint was a poor substitute.
  3. D

    T-mobile Galaxy S22 - How reduce ring time?

    I have a new Galaxy S22 and it rings FOREVER. I tried two of the MMI codes that SAY they'll reduce the ring time, but so far, don't work. Neither **61*321**00# nor **61*101**00# where I replaced the 00 with 10 or 15 worked. Can someone tell me HOW to reduce the ring time significantly on this...
  4. D

    Help Unable to download MMS on wifi without roaming while traveling internationally (S9, T-Mobile)

    Hi all, I have a stock S9 on T-Mobile and use Google Messages and/or Samsung Messages (the built-in app.) I travel internationally and recently started receiving "gentle" reminders from T-Mobile that "roaming benefits are not intended for extended use abroad." You know, "Sprint + T-Mobile...
  5. M

    Help T-mobile issue

    I have a problem with receiving SMS messages and calls from different operator. I have T-Mobile sim card while my boyfriend has Zong sim card. What's more interesting: When I text him or call him, he is getting every single text and call. But when he wants to contact me - no answer although he...
  6. A

    Help HELP! Factory Rest Note 8, 3G works but Not LTE Despite Fixing APN settings (MetroPCS+TMo)

    Hi I reset my Note 8 because after using this thing for a year and half, with all the security updates, my GPS location would stop working mid drive or my push notifications would stop working. I booted into recovery and factory reset my phone. Now the phone won't work with mobile data. Well it...
  7. Android News

    T-Mobile giving away a year of MLB.TV

    Baseball season is right around the corner, and just like last year, T-Mobile is giving its customers a year of MLB.TV for free – something that usually costs $115.99.
  8. Android News

    Deutsche Telekom will let users opt out of bloatware

    In a recent post on its official blog, T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, announced that it's now giving its subscribers the option to choose which apps they want and don't want on their phone from day one. Deutsche Telekom says that its customers "will no longer receive preinstalled...
  9. Android News

    T-Mobile rolls out Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus update ahead of launch

    T-Mobile is rolling out an early update to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, two days ahead of the phones’ official release date. The update brings devices up to firmware version G960USQU1ARBG (S9) or G965USQU1ARBG (S9 Plus) and comes in at 260 MB. The patch notes state that the face unlock...
  10. Android News

    T-Mobile Will Launch RCS Universal Profile Support in Q2

    In Q2 of this year, T-Mobile customers will receive software updates on their phones that enable support for RCS Universal Profile. T-Mobile will follow Sprint as the second US carrier to do so.
  11. Android News

    T-Mobile drops required down-payment for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on JOD

    TmoNews obtained a copy of an internal document that was effective immediate. The memo was dated March 3 and introduced a new pricing structure for the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
  12. Android News

    T-Mobile promises Oreo updates for LG's G5, G6, V20, V30, and V30+

    T-Mobile says it's working with LG to create and release updates to Android Oreo for the G5, G6, V20, V30, and V30+. This information currently resides on the software support pages for the aforementioned models on its website. The exact wording is "T-Mobile and the device manufacturer have...
  13. Android News

    T-Mobile promises to have 30 cities ready for 5G

    T-Mobile has announced it has plans to have 30 cities ready for 5G service this year, but no actual 5G rollout will happen until 2019.
  14. Android News

    T-Mobile Says It’ll Push 5G Into 30 Cities This Year

    T-Mobile customers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas will be the first to experience 5G next year, with as many as 30 cities being included on the full launch list for 2019.
  15. Android News

    AT&T files complaint against T-Mobile over John Legere video

    AT&T has filed a complaint against T-Mobile, alleging that a claymation video featuring John Legere was misleading against the company.
  16. Android News

    Deal: LG offering free projector on V30/G6 purchase

    LG is offering a free Minibeam projector with each purchase of an LG V30, LG V30+, or LG G6 through T-Mobile. The offer is valid until February 22, and will see eligible owners getting the freebie by mail.
  17. Android News

    T-Mobile offering BOGO service lines for Family Plans

    T-Mobile has announced a new deal where when you buy a new line of service, you get one free for those with family plans.
  18. Android News

    Samsung bringing Oreo to the Galaxy S6 lineup and Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile

    Samsung and T-Mobile have confirmed that the Galaxy S6 lineup and the Galaxy Note 5 will both be updated to Android Oreo. There is no mention if other carriers will follow suit.
  19. Android News

    T-Mobile sued after porting man's number to thieves who stole his cryptocurrency

    A Washington man has filed suit against T-Mobile for improperly porting his number to AT&T, allowing thieves to make off with his cryptocurrency. The issue is that AT&T's request to port the number in is supposed to be verified by getting the customer's PIN number, but T-Mobile presumably let...
  20. Android News

    T-Mobile customers are now seeing voicemail transcripts in Google Phone app

    The Google Phone app already has a dedicated visual voicemail tab that allows users to listen to and delete voicemails quickly. However, some T-Mobile users are now seeing transcriptions by Google there as well.
  21. Android News

    T-Mobile details plan for 100 percent renewable energy by 2021

    Today, T-Mobile announced it will move to 100% renewable electricity by 2021, and that they have joined RE100, a collaborative, global initiative uniting more than 100 influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.
  22. Android News

    T-Mobile offers free data and calls in South Korea during the 2018 Olympics

    Throughout the Winter Games, T-Mobile customers get free unlimited high-speed data wherever they travel in South Korea and free unlimited calls within South Korea and back home to the US. To be clear, the promotion runs from February 7th through March 20th.
  23. Android News

    Droid Life: T-Mobile and Layer3 TV Close Acquisition and are Ready to “Disrupt” the TV World

    This morning, T-Mobile announced that it had closed its Layer3 TV acquisition, which means they can officially move forward with their plans to “disrupt” the TV industry. No specific plans were announced in terms of how this TV service will work or what its pricing scheme will entail, but...
  24. Android News

    T-Mobile still reigns supreme as the best overall network in the US according to OpenSignal

    OpenSignal's bi-yearly carrier report for the US was just released, and T-Mobile has again topped nearly every category in OpenSignal's testing.
  25. Android News

    T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active, S7 Edge get January security patch

    T-Mobile has issued an update for the Galaxy S8 Active and the Galaxy S7 Edge, bringing its security updates to the latest January patch.