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Help HELP! Factory Rest Note 8, 3G works but Not LTE Despite Fixing APN settings (MetroPCS+TMo)


Dec 27, 2013
Hi I reset my Note 8 because after using this thing for a year and half, with all the security updates, my GPS location would stop working mid drive or my push notifications would stop working.

I booted into recovery and factory reset my phone. Now the phone won't work with mobile data. Well it only works with mobile data when I am on a phone call and my signal switches from LTE to 4G. THis is the most bizzare thing I have ever seen. I only get internet when I am on a phone call

This is supposed to be the opposite behavior. I've called Metro and they couldn't help me. I suspect this might be some weird Google Security issue. I can't seem to find anyone with the same issue I am having. I have tried all sorts of settings and now just reset my phone to factory again and I am getting the same issue


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