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  1. Rob

    This is a test news article to see if it's votable!

    Can you imagine an awesome article being here? So can I! Courtesy of an awesome RSS feed.
  2. S

    Why can't I delete my own question in here?

    Why can't I delete my own question in here? One I've just written - this one for example, which I put here just to try out something in the forum.
  3. S

    Trying to test my APK or AAB bundle made with Unity...

    Hi, This might be a fairly basic question, but I've been searching for a clear tutorial on how to do this and don't seem to be able to find anything. I've made a game with Unity and have just successfully made both an AAB and an APK build for it (in case the latter ends up being easier to...
  4. SRT GmbH

    [Beta] SRT Vault - Multiple Accounts, Data Security, Work Profile

    Hey everyone, my name is Marc and my partner and I developed a security app that we released recently to Google Play. [1] We called it SRT Vault and it makes use of Android’s work profiles to create a second manageable and secure environment and allows you to install arbitrary apps in this...
  5. A

    New Device: Edison_3_3G

    Device: Edison_3_3G Display name: bq Edison 3 3G Manaufacturer: bq
  6. Phases