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Trying to test my APK or AAB bundle made with Unity...


This might be a fairly basic question, but I've been searching for a clear tutorial on how to do this and don't seem to be able to find anything.

I've made a game with Unity and have just successfully made both an AAB and an APK build for it (in case the latter ends up being easier to test). The game is still in the Beta phase, so I don't want to upload it anywhere yet, as I haven't even had a chance to see how to built versions run. The touch version has only been tested within Unity's own player, but I want to see if anything has been affected by the build settings.

Now, to the question. I simply want to be able to run my APK or AAB (whichever is easier, as I'm convinced they should run pretty much the same) on my tablet (which has already been set to developer mode).

I've even tried opening my builds using Android Studio (and yes, I do have AVDs created), but I'm not getting an option to select an emulator at the top, nor even to select a live device. When I choose "Add Configuration" at the top, the Module option gives me no options other than <no module>, so I can't get anywhere.

Is there another way I can test the files I've already made?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've even transferred the APK to my tablet directly and install it, but I keep getting a vague "App not installed" message, with no real explanation. And yes, I do have "Allow apps from unknown sources" checked, and the file shouldn't be corrupted or anything, as I've literally just made it from Unity.
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