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  1. H

    Turkey Travel Guide App

    Hello friends, I develop a travel guide app one week ago and I want to share with you. Your opinions and reviews are too important for me. If you want to try and share your opinions, ideas and your comments with me I will be glad. Turkey Travel App Google Play...
  2. D

    StopMarker - You arrived!

    GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soa.android.stopmarker The program StopMarker can be useful for those who like taking a nap or reading in transport. Having marked on the map the destination point you can hide the program in the background and not worry about the...
  3. CatalinZ

    [FREE][NO ADS][GAME] Elly and the Ruby Atlas | ASSIST Software

    Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a FREE OFFLINE adventure RPG game that puts you in the shoes of an explorer from the age of pirates. You play as Elly, the young captain of a carrack, who must trade and fight in order to bring a vile pirate to justice and recover a precious family heirloom. Travel to...
  4. DennyWeinberg

    [App] Interactive Photo Map for Google Photos and others!

    Photo Map is the perfect Android app for traveler. Your photos are illustrated on a interactive world map, so you never lose track of when and where you have taken them. Tested with more than 100.000 photos! Play Store...
  5. A

    Help Texting troubles while Abroad.

    So I'm in the UK for 2 weeks. Whenever I try to text a friend back home it tells me: "no cellular network available connect to an available Wi-Fi network for messaging" But the thing is I'm already connected. I'm on the home wifi in the house im staying in. Also according to T-Mobile I'm...