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StopMarker - You arrived!


Mar 11, 2021
GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soa.android.stopmarker

The program StopMarker can be useful for those who like taking a nap or reading in transport. Having marked on the map the destination point you can hide the program in the background and not worry about the route. You will not have to desperately check whether your destination is approaching behind the dark and frozen glass of the bus or train.

You can spend your time more pleasantly knowing that StopMarker will let you know when you arrive at your destination. The destination area can be adjusted, even if you do not know local roads. You will be notified as soon as you approach destination from any side. You could also use StopMarker when walking, riding on a bike or even taking a boat trip - StopMarker will work no matter what means of transportation you use.

It is very easy to start using StopMarker. After starting, Stopmarker will automatically display on the map your current location (a red marker). If no destination area is selected the green button appears to be deactivated.
You can adjust the scale of the map by moving your fingers or pressing the buttons "+" and "-" and moving the map on your screen to your destination point. If you press on the area where you want to arrive you will see a green marker with a circle around it. If the diameter of the destination area is small please make sure (visually) if your route crosses the destination area.

That is it! You can put the program in the background and start reading an interesting book or just close your eyes and have a nap.
After crossing the border of the destination area, the program will notify you by generating the specified number of sound signals. Also, in the notification bar you will see the "STOP" sign.
If you press the "OK" button that appears in the middle of the screen the signals will stop and the message will disappear.

__Important notes__

1) You need a working GPS (geolocation) in order to run this program on your smartphone.

2) You also need mobile internet access for caching the map of the area. If you do not have mobile internet, you can download the corresponding map in advance using WiFi - just start StopMarker and move the map on your screen to the area of your future route. In order to save a detailed map, use scaling by pressing "+" and "-" or zooming with your fingers. Each scale is stored separately on your smartphone. If you did not do this in advance, the scaling will not work offline and the map might look a bit rough.

3) If your smartphone is in the energy saving mode you should get a notification. In this mode with StopMarker running in the background there is a big chance of delay in GPS localization. It is better to deactivate the energy saving mode when using StopMarker or add the StopMarker program to the exceptions, following the instructions relevant for your smartphone.

4) Permissions for StopMarker - when installing the program, you will be asked to grant the permissions for accessing the geodata ("this device location") and the storage ("photos, media and files on your device"). In order to use the StopMarker's full functionality you should give the permissions in "any mode".
a) Access to geodata - required to enable the program running in the background.
b) Access to storage - required to let the program record the cached maps.
If you uninstall StopMarker, all the maps cached by it will be deleted from your smartphone.

5) In case of normal exit (swiping the program from the background), StopMarker will completely stop and will not occupy any resources.

6) If you shut down or reboot your smartphone, StopMarker will not start automatically. However, you can adjust the settings of your smartphone and add StopMarker to the list of programs that start automatically.


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