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  1. J

    Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant for QUANTA

    I need to do an offline Android update to my Quanta QTASUN1 tablet from Verizon. Verizon has an update tool for this that is documented all over the place. But they don't have any links to download the app! Has anyone seen this app or know where it's available? Windows.
  2. S

    Help Galaxy Note 20 Ultra OS upgrade killed my Google Assistant - VZ

    My Verizon Galaxy Note 20 Ultra did an OS update on Sept 10th, 2023, and again on Sept 14th, 2023. After the first update, I noticed that my Google Assistant stopped working, but I didn't have a chance to troubleshoot it until after the 2nd update (which didn't fix the issue). I use a widget...
  3. svim

    Android version upgrade database

    https://www.androidpolice.com/android-update-tracker-website/ https://www.androidupdatetracker.com/ -- This chart does cover a pretty wide range of different manufacturers and models but it's primarily focused on just Android version upgrades, so monthly security updates are not a part of...
  4. V

    Apps Upgrade app

    It appears Sqlite is no longer allowed. To upgrade my app, need to read Sqlite to write to another more modern method. Also, unable to upgrade my app. It has too many conflicts. Layouts are handled differently, etc. Plan to write it from scratch. But, would like to have a way to convert my...
  5. W

    Help [SOLVED] [Evolver 7.9.7/Android 13] Pictures still not geotagged

    Hello, After upgrading to Evolver 7.9.7/Android 13 last night, I noticed that pictures were no longer geotagged. Adding the Camera app to the list of apps authorized to use the Location service, and even rebooting made no difference: There's still no Location item in the app's Settings...
  6. S

    android 4.4.2 upgrade

    android 4.4.2 software upgrade to 5 any help i have samsung s 4 mini android 4.4.2 want upgrade to 5 how to do that please
  7. 1

    Phone Upgrade Recommendations

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy A11 and I cracked my screen. I have bought many "upgrades" in the past and they turned out to be worse that my original phone (speed, camera, storage, etc.), what would you all recommend as an upgrade in the $150 price range? I was thinking about grabbing...
  8. T

    Upgade Redmi 5 motherboard to higher specs.

    Hello, I have Redmi 5 3 gb and 32 gb rom which is in good condition. Now, I want to upgrade the memory specs to 4 gb and 64 gb without changing the phone. Is it possible to remove the old motherboard and replaced with a new Redmi 5 4 gb 64 gb rom motherboard??? Please kindly help me with...
  9. H

    Help Want to update Android 4.4.2 to 5.0

    Hello, I've a Chinese GPS which works under Android 4.4.2, and I want to upgrade it to the 5.0 Android version. Device info: - Brand: Zteng - Model: ZT502 - Android: 4.4.2 - Build Number: WF-G1.500M.00E.40PIN480.20171011.RLPGDCV-EN.V11 - Kernel version: 3.4.67 - Storage: *(8GB) Ram: 512 Mb -...
  10. A

    Help Jellybean to Marshmellow.

    After using my Galaxy A Tablet for six months and choosing certain app and browsers, I received notice of the availability to up grade from android Jellybean 5.0.2 to Marshmallow 6.0. Should I do this? What advantages would I obtain by doing so?
  11. Android News

    Americans are upgrading phones less thanks to installment payment plans

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Americans are now upgrading smartphones less. This is largely thanks to installment-based payment plans. It turns out, people don't like to pay for their phone every single month. There is also less reason to upgrade when new phones don't offer as many...