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Upgade Redmi 5 motherboard to higher specs.


Apr 5, 2021
I have Redmi 5 3 gb and 32 gb rom which is in good condition.
Now, I want to upgrade the memory specs to 4 gb and 64 gb without changing the phone.
Is it possible to remove the old motherboard and replaced with a new Redmi 5 4 gb 64 gb rom motherboard???
Please kindly help me with upgrading my memory specs instead of buying a brand new phone.
Well if the only difference is different amounts of storage soldered to the board then yes, you should be able to buy a new motherboard, dismantle the phone and swap boards (provided you feel competent to do this - if not you can pay someone else to do it, but if so do check the price of just buying a 64GB Redmi 5 first so you don't end up paying more to do it this way).

If there are any other spec differences between the 32GB and 64GB versions (frequency bands, displays, etc) then no, it's unlikely to work. But if the only difference is storage then I'd expect it would.

Obviously back up your data first, since you'll lose them when you change motherboards.
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