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viewsonic viewpad 7

  1. I

    Help micro sd card

    Hi I am using a Viewsonic Viewpad 7 and I have inserted a 16G micro sd card. how can I configure the system so the applications will be installed on the external memory and NOT on the internal one? thank you Izzy
  2. R

    Help pls help!

    polling,get oemsb_mode=1 when i turn on my viewpad7 this message appear. how to fix this. anyone pls!
  3. A

    Help Help View Pad 7 won't unlock

    i have a viewpad 7 and when i switch it on it presents me with the unlock screen but it won't allow me to unlock the padlock moves down but the device does not unlock wondering if anyone has come across this or knows how to get round this when i reset with the inset reset button the screen comes...
  4. Metroid Prime

    Root ViewPad 7 All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if...
  5. TinkerB3ll

    The last ViewPad 7 user...

    ... sheds a tear as evolution takes another path and leaves his tablet to die a lonely death! :-(
  6. B

    Gmail and Privacy

    Just joined - and my first post here - so please be gentle! I hope too I'm posting this in the most appropriate forum. I've been toying with getting something like an e-reader, and finally decided on a Viewpad 7 for the additional functionality over something like a Kindle. I was aware of the...
  7. T

    Root Need help rooting

    When i try to root my viewpad7 using superoneclick v1.7 it just gets stuck on 'Waiting for device...' please help
  8. J

    Help Plan swap sd card (phone<->tablet) but data must intact both

    Hi, I just wondering if someone did something similar to what i want? I had a HTC incredible S (unrooted) with 8 GB sd card and Viewsonic V7 tablet rooted with 16SD (2 partition ext4 & Fat32). I planning to swap the SD card since i used/carry regurly the phone. My question is does simple...
  9. M

    Help Hep please- wi-fi problem on Viewpad 7

    Hi folks! I have just been given a shiny new Viewpad 7, and generally speaking I love it. The only problem I am having with it is that it does not want to browse or search via google, or connect to YouTube. I have set up the wi-fi correctly and it does actually say that it is connected, but...
  10. T

    Help Help with rebooting tablet

    So my girlfriend has a viewsonic viewpad 7 and for a while now it will just randomly reboot. I don't know what is triggering it. Sometimes it will be on the browser, sometimes a pdf will be open, sometimes just checking emails. Has anyone had this problem and is there any way to fix it? ~Tim
  11. D

    Help Viewpad 7 - USB tethering

    I have been trying to tether my Vpad7 via USB to my laptop in order to access 3g internet while away on business. Manual says windows vista will install a driver on first time use and it does indeed try to but doesnt find one and there was no install disk provided with the Vpad7. I have asked...
  12. A

    Help Viewsonic 7 Digitizer

    Hi Guys, Can anyone let me know where I can buy Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Digitizer please? Cant find one any where :) Email me at... tracy@requireit.ltd.uk Thanks :)
  13. G

    Help Kindle app not working now

    Since the latest Kindle upgrade (Version it's not working at all on my Viewpad. I've reported the fault to Kindle Support and they say the engineers are working on it but don't know when the fault will be fixed and I'm to be patient. :confused: If yours isn't working can you please...
  14. A

    Help minecraft pocket edition working on my viewpad7 ???

    hey guys i have a viewpad 7 that iv recently bought as a budget tablet wile i save for a better one and i tryed downloading minecraft pocket edition and it said its not compatable i always thought any android app would work on an android device so i was wondering why it dosent work and if there...
  15. C

    Help SD Card exclamation mark??

    Hi, anyone any idea what the exclamation mark on the SD card symbol means ? I've got an 8gb SDHC card in my viewpad 7 and it works fine, just the symbol at the top off the screen thats bugging me. :confused:
  16. H

    Help microSD or microSDHC?

    Hello.. I just want to know, does viewpad 7 support for microSDHC? or just for microSD, or both? thanks
  17. G

    Help Viewpad 7 Wifi

    Hi ...my Viewpad 7 refuses to save my wifi home connection. Each time it goes into sleep mode I have to reconnect by turning wifi on and off. any suggestions would be helpful as this is my first voyage into android. Glenn
  18. V

    Help Using the webcam on a ViewPad 7

    Downloaded and used Skype to talk to my nephew in Arkansas yesterday but couldn't get a video connection. Nowhere on the Skype screen to indicate where to find and turn video on (unlike the PC screen), yet the VP7 comes with a webcam. Why? What am I missing here guys?:rolleyes:
  19. F

    Help Takes ages loading pictures into gallery

    On my Viewpad 7 I have loaded several thousand images into 6 separate folders. They are there ok & can be viewed. The problem is that even if I want to view just one folder the Viewpad may go on for 10-15 minutes loading all the images. This is a terrible waste of time especially if I only...
  20. M

    SD Card

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations to the best compatible SD card to use with the viewpad 7? Thanks, Mick
  21. M

    Help Viewpad 7 wifi problem

    Hi all I'm new to the forum. I've just bought the viewpad 7 for my daughter as a Xmas present. I thought I would try to see if it was ok. I turned wifi on and it found my home network and I put the pass key in then It goes through the procededure Authenticating, Scanning, disconnecting It...
  22. E

    Help ViewSonic ViewPad 7 System Upgrade

    Hello, I have viewsonic viewpad7 with android 2.2 i wanna know is it possible to upgrade it to 2.3 or 3.2 ? & which version is better for the viewpad7 ??
  23. S

    Root flash player (2)

    Hi, Is there an alternative for flash player to use with the viewpad 7?
  24. B

    Need replacement power cable for VPAD7!!

    Please help! My pet rabbit ATE my Viewpad 7 charging cable and I can't find ANYWHERE that can provide a replacement. Any suggestions? The Viewsonic website has no idea what a power cable is for some reason...
  25. N

    New ViewSonic 7e on the way. UPDATED

    I have just ordered a ViewSonic 7e from Amazon. Buy.com also has these for order. I really like my GTab after modding it. I hope the 7e will be just as good and open. UPDATE: See the Viewsonic ViewPad 7e forum for my experience with the unit. I didn't see the 7e forum when I posted this.