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Gmail and Privacy


May 28, 2012
Just joined - and my first post here - so please be gentle!
I hope too I'm posting this in the most appropriate forum.

I've been toying with getting something like an e-reader, and finally decided on a Viewpad 7 for the additional functionality over something like a Kindle. I was aware of the relationship between Google and Android, but hadn't appreciated how tightly knit the 'pad's functions are with Google, especially the inability of logging out of a Gmail session. I want to protect my/my family's privacy, and as a Scout Leader feel I have a duty of care in this context with communications that involove/affect the youngsters.

So my question is, is it possible to set up an alternate Gmail account which Google and my pad see as a Primary account, and yet have access to my "normal" gmail account through the e-mail app? And if it is, what are the pros and cons?

Thanks in anticipation

Hi bemused, I understand your concerns, I too at first was shocked at just how entwined google is with Android (yeah I know, hardly surprising when you think about it) but eventually I bit the bullet and accepted there was nothing I could do about it. ;-)
You can set up another google account, and it may be exactly what you are looking for, but for me it was hardly worth the bother. You'll find you can use the gmail app to check additional accounts but I'm pretty certain google will note your accounts are obviously linked, even if covertly. Do note your gmail emails CANNOT be deleted, despite there being a delete button which basically just hides mail from your sight. Of course you can still use other email providers (hotmail, Yahoo mail, hushmail etc.) with something like k9 or such. You can use calendar apps such as calengoo to connect to any google calendar accounts etc.
One thing to note though, your market (play store) purchases are tied to the the account you purchased them under ie. if you purchase an app under a particular account and later decide to stop using that particular account, you'll have to re-purchase the app/s.
Anyway, I suggest you bite the bullet and give in to the demon overlord "GOOGLE!"

Hmmm.... Well I got a bit carried away there but hopefully the answers you are looking for may be buried somewhere in my mini rant ;-)
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