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  1. teddy28

    [UPDATE] NewPipe 0.26.1: Youtube Client for android receives a major update

    The NewPipe app, known for being an alternative client for YouTube on the Android system, has released its version 0.26.1. The update introduces support for a variety of new content, including YouTube live streams, Shorts, and dedicated pages for channels. Additionally, the new version brings...
  2. codezer0

    ReVanced working? alternatives?

    Allow me to try and keep this, as brief as I can. For as long as it's been available, I'd been using ReVanced builder on my pc, to build the apk's for the apps that it supports (mostly, YouTube and Twitch). Lately, been noticing that when it comes time to build I'd been getting well, errors on...
  3. GamerGirl87

    Difference between Youtube and Spotify audio?

    Unfortunately I don't know much about this subject. would you be able to tell me if there is any difference. I recently did a test and it seems to me that the sound on YouTube is clearer than on Spotify.
  4. F

    Help YouTube mod for Android 4.2

    Hi everyone, I have an old tablet with Android 4.2 installed and I would like to know if there is a YouTube mod for this OS. I know about NewPipe Legacy, but it hasn't worked for a while now.
  5. Aby PAul

    YouTube API key is not working after uploading android App in play store

    YouTube API key is not working after uploading android App in play store. Its working properly before uploading in Genymotion and all Android Emulator.
  6. Arcticat

    Help mini player only works for SOME videos on Youtube??

    Hi, I am wanting to play some music in my playlist while searching the web, but for some reason, some videos will play with the mini player, but some don't. I even see a circle with an exclamation mark in the middle where thee play button is, indicating something is wrong. Can someone please...
  7. Android News

    YouTube app starts auto-playing videos on Android

    When you open the YouTube Android App you may notice videos will start auto-playing silently on the home tab- but thankfully you can turn this feature off.
  8. Android News

    YouTube will soon let you live stream directly from your phone's camera app

    YouTube has announced that users will soon be able to live stream directly from their smartphone's Camera app, making the process simpler than ever. In a blog post, the company revealed they are working with Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung to begin with, and the feature should start...
  9. Android News

    YouTube TV's price goes up to $40 per month starting tomorrow

    Today is your last day to get YouTube TV for $35 per month. Tomorrow, the price increases to $40 per month, putting it in line with similar services such as Sony's PS Vue and Hulu's live TV plan.
  10. Android News

    YouTube's new music service actually won't launch this March

    SXSW will take place between March 9th and the 13th in Austin, Texas, and YouTube's head of music, Lyor Cohen, will be speaking about "seismic changes he's witnessed and the importance of embracing the future." It was expected that YouTube would use its time at SXSW to unveil the new service...
  11. Android News

    YouTube is adding a new AR green screen effect to its stories feature

    YouTube is working on its own take on stories, which it’s already testing in beta with a small group of top creators. Now, the company is adding the next logical feature from Snapchat and Instagram to those stories: augmented reality green screen filters.
  12. Android News

    YouTube is being sued for ‘reverse discrimination’

    A former employee is suing YouTube over claims that the company stopped hiring white and Asian men for technical positions. The reasons for this move was "to increase diversity in the company's employee pool".
  13. Android News

    YouTube enables captions for live broadcasts

    YouTube is making live broadcasts more accessible by giving creators the power to add real-time captions in the English language. They could provide their own if they plan to read off a script or have access to professional captioners that can feed their work to the platform.
  14. Android News

    YouTube TV gets TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, CNN and more

    YouTube TV now has access to a host of new channels from the Turner network, including TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, CNN, Turner Classic Movies and a few others. For sports fans, YouTube is also adding NBA TV and the MLB Network as well. With the changes, the price will increase to $40 per month...
  15. Android News

    YouTube Go is launching in over 130 countries

    YouTube announced today that its YouTube Go app is launching in over 130 countries. YouTube Go is a redesigned version of the regular YouTube app (available only on Android) that’s designed for places with poor connectivity or expensive cellular data prices.
  16. Android News

    Google just broke Amazon’s workaround for YouTube on Fire TV

    Google has blocked the Silk browser and Firefox on Fire TV from showing the TV-optimized version of YouTube.
  17. Android News

    YouTube implements stricter requirements for partners

    Google has introduced stricter requirements for the video platform's YouTube Partners and Preferred programs over advertiser concerns, which could impact creators' earnings. To start with, Google will now manually vet videos and ensure they meet its ad-friendly guidelines before adding them to...
  18. Android News

    YouTube has been deactivated on the Fire TV four days early

    Four days before it was scheduled to be turned off, YouTube has been deactivated on Fire TV devices, according to Fast Company. A screenshot obtained by the publication shows Amazon redirecting users looking for the video platform to its Silk browser (or Firefox if you have it installed) in...
  19. Android News

    Amazon may be working on a YouTube competitor

    Trademarks filed by Amazon suggest that it may be working on a YouTube competitor called Amazontube.
  20. Android News

    YouTube inks deal with two music labels

    YouTube has inked a new deal with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment ahead of the new music subscription service that will be launching sometime next year.
  21. Android News

    YouTube TV won't come to Roku or Apple TV until 2018

    A YouTube representative has confirmed that YouTube TV won't be available on Roku or Apple TV until 2018.
  22. Android News

    YouTube makes a few of its Red Originals free for the holidays

    Starting today through January 2nd, YouTube is making five of its family-friendly YouTube Red originals completely free for viewing on the YouTube Kids app.
  23. Android News

    Report says new YouTube Music subscription service coming in March

    A new report from Bloomberg says Google plans on releasing a new YouTube music subscription service in March. The new service, internally referred to as Remix, would include Spotify-like on-demand streaming and would incorporate elements from YouTube
  24. Android News

    Google is now blocking YouTube on Amazon devices

    Google has put its foot down in the battle with Amazon and has started blocking YouTube on the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV. A Google spokesperson says it became necessary because Amazon refuses to sell Google's own products on its site.
  25. Android News

    YouTube CEO promises more moderation

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki published a blog post addressing some of the ongoing controversies around trust and safety that have roiled the video platform over the last year, including child-targeted exploitation schemes and extremist videos. She promised that the company is working on...