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zte blade 2

  1. narukun

    [Q] Hard Brick ZTE (QHSUSB_DLOAD)

    I have a ZTE Memphis (really hard phone to find) and its with a hard brick right now (QHSUSB_DLOAD). I fixed an LG with the same brick before and now I get this phone that i want to do the same, i want to try with BoardDiag but i need to get the .tot file or firmware in this case, i have...
  2. Z

    Help touch screen trouble

    when using touch screen the right hand side doesnt work. if i type a message i cannot use the delete key on the right if i turn the phone around into landscape i can use the delete key but not any of the keys on the bottom row,I.E the ?123 < @ space . or next. when i press any of these keys...
  3. L

    Help A lady in need of help ..

    Hello im not sure if this the right place ... Iv got a zte blade 2 san francisco and iv been getting problems with it for awhile now and today I had to turn phone of to as I normal have to just to get it to work .. today when turning back on all I got was the little man thn my orange box ...
  4. xxartixx

    Help Unlocked SF2 but want to revert back

    So i unlocked my SF2 yesterday and thought it was fine until the phones LED started flashing crazy yellow and red!? Decided i want to revert it back to how it was when i first bought it. Anyone know how to do this? Any help would be great. I'm pretty sure i made a backup?! Im not too sure. I...
  5. H

    Help Stuck on Orange logo loop.

    My phone crashed today. I Turned it back on and it's stuck in a boot loop or something. I loops between the orange logo and animation over and over and never gets beyond it. Recovery mode doesn't work, seems you all have different button combinations for how to get there and I've tried them...
  6. S

    How to re-install XT9 text input after root & debrand?

    Hi, I posted this in the APK request thread (as that's where I found the file) When I started using the SFII the thing I liked most was the swipe/drag typing (much better than swiftkey) But after debranding it, this is no longer a function, instead just having an Android input keyboard...
  7. S

    Root XT9 Crash

    Hi, I updated my ROM on an Orange SFII and although it's much quicker without the bloatware I cannot get along with the Android keyboard input (just takes too long) I loved the XT9 input method but after getting excited about finding this, downloading it and installing it, as soon as I select...
  8. marsamgod

    Help SF2 Black Screen And Nothing Else

    It was working fine for a couple of months, then suddenly as I tried to launch an app the screen went pixellated red and rebooted. Now when i try and turn the blighter on it pulses, the red LED stays solid but there is nothing else just a black screen. It doesn't even get as far as the green...
  9. S

    Help SF2 "Mobile Network Not Available" please help !

    Hi Guys, I'm really hoping somebody can help, I recently bought a used but excellent condition SF2 for my daughter for Christmas, I switched it on to check it worked, but didn't try a sim card in, so don't know if my issue was always there, or only happened after unlocking and flashing the ROM...
  10. T

    Help sf2 wont start after being unlocked

    Hi all, I am hoping some one can help I have been reading through the forum threads but am now more confused than ever. I bought a sf2 2 weeks ago and tryed to unlock it myself so I can use a giffgaff sim but now the phone wont go past the android symbol when I power it on, if I power on and...
  11. C

    Help Looping on loading screen

    Hi, I have a San Francisco 2 Orange handset, 10 months old from new, and at the moment I can't get it to load past the orange logo screen. It wwas working fine this morning, then I got a system message asking to delete some text messages. At that point the phone froze, and I had to do a...
  12. S

    Root possible to root without losing internal memory?

    Had the SFII for a while and now getting annoyed with the constant low space messages. It is still fully loaded with all of the original orange bloat ware, and just wondered if i could root and get rid of it without losing internal memory? If not, what is the best way to back up (not needing...
  13. O

    Help Help needed with TPT images

    Hi all, I'm not new to installing roms, unlocking etc but this time I have had serious problems. I have an Orange SF2. I unlocked and install a new ROM then flashed Clockwork Mod using the instructions at giffgaff community then hit big trouble (phone wouldn't boot - stuck at green Android...
  14. S

    Help Connecting to the eduroam wifi

    Hey, guys. Firstly I'd like to apologise if there's already a forum concerning this topic and particular phone (I did try and find it). I'm having a lot of grief over connecting to the eduroam network at Winchester University. Basically, the beloved San Francisco II doesn't connect at all. I...
  15. C

    Root i can not start android

    i have instal ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0 on my phone. Now if i turn him on he wil open clockworkmod and not android. How can i fix that?
  16. L

    Help moving to sd

    ive bought my wife a san fran 2 and downloaded a few apps, it now keeps saying 'phone memory low' the phone has an empty sd card in but when in app manager i cant move anything to sd! can anybody help please?
  17. B

    Help Screen Display Problem - Please Help

    Hello, this is my first post on these forums, so, hi, heh. Anyways, to cut a long story short... My San Fran 2 phone, the screen just randomly went black. It's still back lit, and it's still on, and I can still change home screens and such, I just can't see anything, it's all just different...
  18. S

    Help ZTE Blade 2 Rebooting constantly

    HI Firstly I'd like to start of by saying Thankyou for even spending time reading this and now i've just realised I'm wasting even more time so i'll cut to the chase! Basically Orange San Francisco Working perfectly well then everything starts crashing asking me to either wait or force...
  19. E

    Help I recently debranded my Orange San Francisco 2 (ZTE Blade 2) and now it won't send sms messages.

    I can receive sms messages, and I was able to send messages a couple of hours ago (after it was newly debranded) so how can I fix this? Usually I can sort out my problems with a quick google or a reboot, but this doesn't seem to work for this.
  20. C

    Help A few issues.

    I'm currently on my second Orange SF II and I'm still experiencing the same problems as before. First problem is the gallery don't work, it comes up with 'process com.cooliris.media' and I have to force close it, it says to try again but that never works, I've had to download a gallery app and...
  21. T

    Delay and keyboard and other performance tips

    Hi, i just got my san francisco today and i was wondering if anyone else has to give a bit of a decent press to the screen for it to register a touch. Being a capacative touch screen i expected this but my old phone was capacative and didnt need this hard a press but it seems to be getting...
  22. T

    Just ordered mine :D

    Just ordered my San Francisco II as a replacement of my Samsung Monte (S5620). Has anyone else met Oranges dodgy online ordering service? After i entered all my card details i got the following message: We need a bit more info from you before we can complete your order. You won&#8217;t be...
  23. S

    Root Rooting ZTE Blade II

    Does anyone know the method to root the ZTE Blade II? This phone is not the ZTE Crescent/OSF2/T-Mobile VivaCity, this one has a faster CPU(1GHz).
  24. S

    Screen replacement (help! smashed!)

    Hi, My touch screen is smashed after dropping the phone (which I always thought was to glossy and slippery). I see you can buy replacement "touch screen digitizers" and have found the correct item on ebay... LINK NOT ALLOWED: ITEM #251043380165 ... but before I make the commitment to...
  25. S

    Osf2 is not zte blade ii

    The Orange San Francisco II is a completely different phone, I have a ZTE Blade II(which has a Qualcomm 1GHz processor) and which is running Android 2.3.6. I'll copy paste the about phone section: Model number BLADEII Baseband version P735TB01 Kernel version...