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zte concord 2

  1. Nikki nikki

    Root help with superuser an root.

    Can someone please help me with this. I have a ZTE concord 2. And I have root access from kingroot but I can't get twrp or cwm to download correct to get into recovery to update supersu or super user. I'm not sure what to do to fix this. Please any help would be great. Thank you ever so much!!
  2. Kuraria

    Bad flash no access to FTM just recovery

    So I downloaded an update app to flash the phone. The system UI kept crashing and the md5 on the recovery confirmed the checksums bad. So I "thought" flashing an update would fix the issue. The flash failed now I'm stuck in a soft brick I'm guessing. It's stock and not rooted at all. I'm new to...
  3. hroark13


  4. linsalata28

    Root Stable debloated ROM?

    In anyone's opinion what is the best stable ROM for the Concord 2? I would really appreciate any info.
  5. S

    Android version update possible?

    Pardon my ignorance. This is my first encounter with "smartphones". I'm much more familiar with systems from PCs to mainframes, at least on the application software side, and a few linux system installations. I know nothing of the Android OS and am afraid of "bricking" my shiny new pest. The...
  6. LoriB98408

    Help Error: Google Talk Authentication failed

    Reset phone 3 times already in an attempt to correct this error. Even had a friend from Best Buy try to correct the problem, but phone refuses to cooperate. Nothing on the phone will work until this issue is resolved it seems. Please help!
  7. Yuichan

    Help Backup and restore

    So, I finally got a backup off this phone and have some questions. Can I restore the backup on a different type of phone And if so Will it wipe the other phone, only rewrite apps also in the backup, or give me a choice? I've googled this and only came up with factory restores, NOT what I...
  8. Yuichan

    Help Touch Broken. Need remote access

    Long story short, the phone fell, screen cracked, and the touch doesn't register input anymore. What I have: The (somewhat) root for this device Debugging on Adb What I need: A way to remotely control the phone either with Usb or PREFERABLY wifi (shody connection for charger) I am willing to...
  9. bcrichster

    Root BCRichster's ROMs: J011y Xper!ment

  10. bcrichster

    Root Zte Concord2 Kernel: Stock & init.d supported

    Zte Concord 2 (Z730) Virgin Mobile OS 4.1.2 Warning! Anything you do with your own phone while Rooted runs the risk of bricking your device.. including flashing this Kernel or other Kernels. You do this all at your own risk. Therefore I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for bricking your device! These are...
  11. bcrichster

    Root Zte Concord2 Stock ROMs: Unmodified, Deodexed & Debloated

    Zte Concord2 (Z730) Metro PCs / T-Mobile OS JB 4.3 Warning! Anything you do with your own phone while Rooted runs the risk of bricking your device.. including flashing this ROM or other ROMS. You do this all at your own risk. Therefore I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for bricking your device! Please make...
  12. Yuichan

    Root Wifi "Not in range"

    Before you point me to a generic help doc, My phone won't connect to (or even FIND networks in public places. "Not here, not there, not anywhere" said the Cat in the Hat) after it stopped working so its not my router. I can connect to any networks I had saved before the problem happened, but...
  13. B

    my disgust for this phone

    I just wanted to vent about my problems with this phone. Maybe I expect too much since thelast phone I had was a galaxy s3 but this thing gives me fits. Much of it is related to the browser and what seems to be utter incompatability with most web pages. Most links are unclickable no matter if...
  14. legosrock8282

    Root Concord II Stuck on ZTE boot screen - CAN access CWM Recovery.

    Hi, So I have had my concord II rooted for a while working perfectly, but yesterday my phone got stuck on the ZTE boot screen. I can access CWM recovery mode by holding the volume up+power button, but once there, I have been unable to fix the problem. I selected "wipe data/factory reset" and it...
  15. hroark13

    Root Fix for Authorize Error

    A lot of people get this Authorize error that basically make the phone a soft brick here is how to fix, and you have to be somewhat quick if you already have CWM goto nandroid section make sure you have ZTE USB drivers installed download this zip and unzip it on your windows pc...
  16. legosrock8282

    Root Link2SD error- "mount: Operation not supported on transparent endpoint"

    Hi, So I just rooted my Concord II, and installed Link2SD. I partitioned my SD card with MiniTool, and made a Fat32 and a ext2, both primary. But when after opening Link2SD and giving it root access, It gives me a popup saying select the file system of your SD card's second partition, and I...
  17. Yuichan

    Google Play Connection

    Before you say anything I've wiped cache and data Relogged in to Google Installed newer version 5.x Flashed a new one(after backup) I read a while back about something with a proxy and that worked with my father's phone. So does anyone have an idea on what that proxy solution was and if anyone...
  18. herminiachristian

    Root Phone hard bricked and cant get into recovery

    Every time i try to charge my phone with the battery it starts blinking red for a while before turning soild red. (trust me its not charging) tried pluging into pc phone will show the mertopcs logo for 3 seconds then screen goes black,tried holding volume up key to get into bootloader, merto...
  19. Yuichan

    Accessories Volume mixer

    (Accessories as I assume it's an app) Is there an app that can work as a volume mixer? Meaning I can raise the volume of a specific app or lower the volume of another while not affecting any other apps? If it's in exposed I'm willing to test it. Thanks
  20. CoryMac247

    Root S-off?

    I tried using mounts2sd and was told the device is s-on protected. Does anybody know how to turn this off?
  21. Yuichan

    Help App not installed Error

    So, when I try to install an app now, I just get "App not installed". Yes, I have unknown sources checked. Its also happening with xPosed fw as well. Tried googling it but my problem is that it DOESN'T lie within the Google Play store. Please Help.
  22. I

    Root After rooting Phone forgot it has Wifi

    I'm looking to see if anyone has a solution to this problem. I thought about trying to do a factor reset but ti doesn't reset. I think since I don't have the original recovery.img that it will not work. I've tried taking a backup from another ZTE that I have but since it wasn't a flashable zip...
  23. Z

    Root CM11 FIX KERNEL

    Hello. hroark13 can you PLEASE fix the cm11 ROM for the zte mustang? It keeps freezing at the lock screen or after the lock screen.
  24. r04ch85

    Help camera will not load

    I have tried different camera apps, always the same thing. it freezes, thenough I get an error saying gallery has stopped. Then it tells me to close apps, even when there aren't any running.
  25. 7

    Root ZTE Zmax

    how can I root the ZTE Zmax