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zte flash

  1. M

    Need to bypass FRP but cannot unlock bootloader & enable ADB

    Hi, my name is Mubeen and I'm a new user here so I'll be careful around here. I got a Nubia M2 yesterday that was FRP locked and me and my friend tried many ways to bypass it. The most popular way I could find on YouTube was with the TalkBack settings and stuff but with Android updates I guess...
  2. tuckgray907

    Root Sprint Flash Volume boost

    how can i do a volume boost for the sprint flash? the phone is super quiet. im talking about headphone volume by the way. ive alrready tied the mixer_paths.xml but it doesnt exist.

    Help ZTE Flash update with cache error

    I tried updating my phone when it gave me a prompt to update it went into recovery mode and tired updating with the cache then after it is done verifying current system after it says assert faild...

    Help ZTE Flash won't update to jellybean

    My Sprint ZTE Flash won't update to jellybean when I try to update it says authentication error.
  5. V


    Some sites state that there is a gyroscope on the ZTE Flash N950, which will be a nice addition. But unfortunately it doesn't seem to exist on my phone. Is it just a problem on my phone, or is it a mistake all over the internet?
  6. C

    Root [MOD] Disable CPU Rendering

    Thanks to leolawliet over at xda. You need a root file manager to do this. Also set the permission to rw-r--r-- for the egl.cfg file. You need- Root Any root file manager app How to install the mod- (1) Navigate to /system/lib/egl (2) Open egl.cfg and delete the first line. Save your...
  7. C

    Root [MOD][MANUAL] Enable both CPU Cores

    I've been doing a lot of work on the ZTE Flash lately. Hopefully the Flash (and me) will start becoming noticed. Anyway here's a guide on to enable both cores. Thanks to Bard over at XDA. What you need - Root Root Explorer How to - (1) Locate init.qcom.post_boot.sh in /system/etc folder...
  8. C

    Root Customizi ROM (BETA) IWIRELESS

    BIG THANKS TO SuperR for the stock-rooted roms for the ZTE FLASH. Here's Customizi. Its not finished, and still needs work. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO TO YOUR PHONE!!! PLEASE MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP!!! Features- Xposed framework (not all modules work, just so you know. I'll post...
  9. M

    Help Alot of problems with brand new ZTE flash...

    I bought a new ZTE flash a couple weeks ago, it was brand new and I should mention I use the Kroger I wireless service provider, it is basically Sprint. I get the unlimited text/ talk/ data for $35. month. The phone worked fine the first couple days, then I started to have problems with the...
  10. C

    Root ROM?

    Before I flash back to stock thanks to SuperR, I would like to post my current setup. I could build a ROM for this device if anyone wants, I used to for other phone's but this phone is pretty confusing. But if anyone wants a ROM, I could make one. However I don't know if people still customize...
  11. C

    Root Stock Recovery & ROM?

    I installed the cwm recovery and rooted my flash. Things aren't going very well as it is very laggy. I uninstalled some system apps and backed them up via titanium. But I would like to return to complete stock. Can anyone help me with this? I would appreciate this very much.
  12. J

    Root i need help

    i have been looking through this forum and have found a cwm for the zte flash... i think? im very new to all of this, and have yet to be able to find a flash for my phone, and now that i have, im confused as to how i put it on there safely. could anyone please help me? i am terribly confused...
  13. hroark13

    Root need testers for CWM touch

    I do not have this phone but I think I can get CWM touch working and working UMS any way here is the image i want you to test you need to have adb and fastboot on your computer download the image https://www.mediafire.com/?xocf7e85j67zc7d do not flash this just boot it with fast boot adb...
  14. N

    Camera Orientation Messed up

    I noticed there is a problem on my ZTE N9500 where if I take a photo in portrait orientation, that depending on where the photo is displayed, it will be rotate incorrectly and sometimes display as a mirror image (transposed?). This only happens if the photo was taken with the phone in portrait...
  15. A

    Root ZTE Flash N9500 Sbl1,Sbl2.img,Sbl3.img,Aboot.img,Misc.img,Presist. img,Rpm.img,Tz.img,Pgpt.img

    found out how to get these so decided to post
  16. SuperR

    Root [ROM] iWireless Stock B18 ICS 4.0.4

    DISCLAIMER: By using this rom, you agree that you are the only one responsible for anything good or bad that may occur. I do not own this device so this ROM is UNTESTED. Use at your own risk.;) For iWireless ZTE Flash only. Stock B18 ICS 4.0.4 debloated and deodexed with root...
  17. SuperR

    Root [ROM] Sprint Stock B14 ICS 4.0.4

    DISCLAIMER: By using this rom, you agree that you are the only one responsible for anything good or bad that may occur. I do not own this device so this ROM is UNTESTED. Use at your own risk.;) For Sprint ZTE Flash only. This is Stock B14 ICS 4.0.4 debloated and deodexed with root...
  18. aimzzz

    Root How can I nandroid my Flash?

    My Flash N9500 is rooted but still has stock rom (I don't think there are any other roms for Flash)... I'm inexperienced--- hoping there's an obvious solution that will make me go DOH! I want to make a nandroid image. Is there a way to do it without a recovery? I searched for a Flash recovery...
  19. aimzzz

    Root SU binary disappeared

    n00b loses root I rooted with Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v32 from xda, which was recommended for the Flash by some users on this forum and some others. (Root MANY ANDROID! [Upd: 14.12.2013] - Updated to new Root method - xda-developers) Everything was great for several days. Then I suddenly...
  20. K

    Help Zte Flash Camera not connecting!

    i just recently got my ZTE n9500 only to realize the camera is not connecting, Ive tried talking to sprint Customer: alright, i checked online, im not the only one having this problem Customer: also when i try the flashlight app it says "the led is being used in another application"...
  21. A

    Root ZTE Flash N9500 dead boot fix attempt

    So i am going to buy a zte flash a new one so can fix my bricked one and if im able to fix i will upload the dead boot fix for this device and i will be using the one i fix as a testing phone and my other as a personal one wish me luck :)
  22. A

    Root zte flash factory image

    Can someone istall QPST and put there phone in download mode open build gang image and build a factory image? if so i can flash that and maybe unbrick
  23. S

    Root [resource] Stock ICS System.img, Recovery.img, Boot.img

    I have pulled this from my zte flash, which i sold. Its complete stock.. I dont have flash now. boot.img recovery.img system.img build.prop and partitions info files... so that you can flash as per that.. Here ya go, http://bit.ly/1fRTTFk I hope you can unbricked your device by flashing...
  24. A

    Root ZTE Flash Stock Rom or Apps in need

    for anyone with this phone could you upload ?
  25. H

    ZTE Flash won't update to Android 4.1

    My ZTE Flash Android 4.0.4 I followed this guide: h tt ps://communitydotsprintdotcom/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/phones-and-devices/blog/2013/08/02/sprint-flash-software-updates Please help me update to Android 4.1?