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zte grand x max+

  1. Y

    3G abroad of USA

    Hi guys. Need help. ZTE Grand X Max+ wont work in 3G abroad of USA. I think problem is HSPA frequency 1900mgz Cricket but for locale need 2100 mgz. I read hardware of item support 2100 also. But now question: "How I can unlocked frequency HSPA 2100?'' What software I need or may be anyone have...
  2. Edd0007

    Root Official 5.1 Zte grand X max + Root method (Working)

    Hi guys this is edd, I just though I'd share some simple steps to rooting your zte grand xmax + guaranteed working by me and with help from master chief87,hroark13,and the rest of the guys on the forum Thanks to you all!! .......................................................... (Remember to...
  3. E

    Stock 5.1 it's task manager app

    Does anyone have a copy of the stock 5.1 it's task manager app all and files? I disabled it and it was removed from the apps list and I can't reinstall it now. Kinda miss it's info screen. Thanks.
  4. luisdmt

    i need help my ZTE Grand X Max

    purchase an unlock code sim card. but I enter my phone and nothing happens, continues to call the sim code network
  5. S

    Low Volume Issues

    I know this is a common issue with this device,and was wondering if any solution has been found?I have tried multiple 3rd party apps and nothing seems to work solid.I read through threads and didn't see anything posted from other users about any remedy.I apologize if it's already been discussed...
  6. vejjfreshness

    Adding Ram Question, NOOB here

    I was going to upgrade my SD to 32 gigs today and thought I might as well make 2-4 gigs of it a partitioned RAM to help performance. My question is should I wait to do this before or after I install a custom ROM. I am still waiting on a version of CM 12.1 to be tested further before running it...
  7. HMT Chryssi

    Root [ROM] Resurrection Remix for Grand X Max+

    Ello! I am back with finally a Custom ROM for the ZTE Grand X Max+! This is only a Beta, So if there is any problems flashing let me know asap. Special Thanks to: hroark13 for the CM build for the ZMAX Ethanbanker2428 for the ZMAX Build for RR Masterchief87 for the pre-rooted update and also...
  8. vejjfreshness

    Disabling a notification

    Trying to figure out how to disable a notification for the ota update?\ It keeps popping up and the only way to exit the notification is to hit the home button. It's annoying. I'm rooted on 5.1 model Z987.
  9. HMT Chryssi

    Root Maybe in the Future, A Custom ROM may appear

    Alright, So I have seen many phones with custom ROMS, Especially around the ZTE family. Small problem with that is, The Grand X Max+ fans didn't get love for the ROMs (Thank some inpatient folks), Which lead some DEVs to scrap the Max+ scene. I have an Idea that we could port (hopefully) the...
  10. HMT Chryssi

    Root [SOLVED] "Unfortunely, System UI has stopped"

    After installing three updates (Which by far the only two I knew when updating was GB and XQS background) after rebooting it has given me that same message so far. Solutions? EDIT: May have made it worse... Factory Resetted the phone and now it's stuck in a bootloop.. Gets stuck at cricket...
  11. C

    Z987 w/ Android 5 Multiple Users

    Good Evening, I've a Z987 here with rooted Android 5 (and TWRP), however I can't seem to make use of the multiple users feature. Whenever I click on the user icon instead of getting the screen for add user\add guest I instead get a message stating "The Contact Doesn't Exist". So, onto...
  12. E

    pureperformances x

    Has anyone installed pureperformance x. I'm not sure which version to install. I'm on the 5.1 OTA rooted. http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/development-derivatives/mod-pureperformancesx-zeno-edition-t2360985
  13. Geo25rey

    Root ZTE Grand X Max+ TWRP

    I used hroark13's TWRP recovery version meant for ZTE ZMax and it work flawlessly except for one thing. It thinks I have a dragonis device when it is suppose to be cygni. I figured out how to change it with the default.prop but every reboot it goes back to the original default.prop. Is there any...
  14. Mredjay0

    Where Did Photosphere Go?

    OK. I thought that I was going crazy recently. Originally I was able to use Google Camera and use panorama and photosphere. Well, once I got my replacement phone from ZTE, I had 5.0 installed and no photosphere or panorama. The message I get is that the phone has no gyroscope. OK, so I figure...
  15. Mredjay0

    Root Official ZTE Grand X Max + 5.1 Root Achieved!

    The files attached have been verified to be clean. I take no responsibility if you break your phone in the process. I know that I have not posted much on this forum, but I really wanted to repost everything that I have come across and put it into ONE nice post that other Z987 owners can find...
  16. E

    Micro SD question for ZTE Grand Max +

    I was wondering.... The owner manual says that the ZTE Grand Max + is only good for a micro SDHC up to 32g, but read one old thread, that got no replies of verification, that someone used a 64g Micro SDXC C10. Before I go out and buy something that I can not return, I was hoping to get some...
  17. jojoondaradio

    ZTE Grand X Max + new build number

    Yesterday, my phone downloaded a new software pack which changed the build number to Z987V2.3.15, does anyone know what the update changed. My phone still has Lollipop Version 5.1.1
  18. HMT Chryssi

    Root Help - Xposed messed up my Internal Storage

    Sorry for the spam, But after I installed Xposed with an error I have to factory reset (Without data intact) Now I am booted without all my media that was intact. It is located in data/media but not in the Sdcard folder. Is there a fix for this? Please help me out! EDIT: Nvm, Used the terminal...
  19. HMT Chryssi

    Root Lollipop 5.1 pre-rooted update w/Xposed?

    I had my pre-rooted update for a while now. Currently I was looking forward to installing Xposed, Problem was while looking in a few comments Some say they were having problems running Xposed due to all the apps having problems with it and on top of that I saw on the Xposed website they had a...
  20. L

    Root Connection issue since updating to lollipop ZTE Grand X Max +

    Hi, I recently did the update from kitkat to lollipop on my Grand x Max + and ever since my network signal is intermittent. Sometime I cannot connect for long periods of time and sometimes it works great. I tried a network enhancer app which seemed to help by adding more sources for my signal...
  21. jseiscio

    Root Recently purchased.

    I recently purchased this device and was sad to see that 5.1 isn't able to be rooted, especially since my device came pre-loaded with Lollipop. Is there any hope on getting a working root workaround? Also has anyone been able to find the Source Code for this 5.1 rom yet? I looked on the...
  22. J0k3rsWif3


    What is the best launcher for the grand x max+?
  23. R

    Help Can't get WiFi hotspot working

    I'm using a cricket wireless grand x on metro PCs and can't seem to get teathering to work any ideas? I get the "theres a temporay network issue message that popos up" I'm running the lollipop pre rooted update.
  24. Dannydet

    Reboots randomly

    ZTE Grand X Max+ reboots at random times, is this normal? No malware, using lookout. Stumped....
  25. W

    Root Stuck at cricket logo

    Hello sorry to make a new thread but I have not seen anyone else who has this problem.First of all I was on 4.4 rooted with twrp installed,xposed and v4a kept getting popup from system update so i postponed it next I deleted nova launcher rebooted and phone has not booted back up past cricket...