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zte warp elite

  1. S

    Make N9518 roam

    OK so I just got the the thing to hotspot (yay!) and while I was doing that I noted in Settings>>Mobile Network Settings there are "Roaming settings" but the switches are all greyed out (disabled). Is there a backdoor way to enable these?
  2. L

    A way to update Android versions?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there anyway to update the version of Android on the phone, or am I locked into the version it ships with? I'd love the latest updates, but I understand if it's not possible, particularly because there apparently still is no way to root this phone. Thanks!
  3. R

    New Update

    My wife and I just got a big update on our phones. Anyone know what it's for? Still running 5 so not an update to 6.
  4. W

    Help Charging Port Help

    Hello, my name is Warren Maith,& i have a zte warp elite,& my charging port, is damaged, is there any way, i can still charge the battery, without using the charging port on the phone? Can someone please let me know, Thank You Kindly!
  5. J

    Is this phone really this crappy? Nobody can hear me.

    I am having an issue where nobody can hear me on the other end of the phone unless i put on Speakerphone. Is is something that is fixable at home or does it need to go into ZTE for repair. I have only had the phone for 4 months and don't believe it got wet or damaged.
  6. H

    help plz

    I have an zte warp elite n9518 i try to flash custom recovery on it and now it's on black screen I can't boot it to recoevry so I need an unbrick iso for it help me plz
  7. iMeowlz

    Warp Elite unlock?

    I have Verizon and my friend gave me this Boost Warp Elite. They at both cdma, can I use the Warp on Verizon if I get it unlocked and have a Verizon SIM for it?
  8. B

    ZTE Warp Elite screen gone black; phone is on, but cannot turn it off

    I was putting my phone in a carrying case designed for it, and the screen went black. I tried pressing the power button and nothing happened. I checked and the blue LED light was on. I thought maybe the case prevented me from pressing all the way down, so I took it back out and tried it again...
  9. S

    Boost Warp Elite Software Enhancement

    So according to the info this includes Google security enhancements but I want to hear what experiences others have had before I install.
  10. R

    a problem with my phone

    This is a ZTE Warp Elite N9518. I was trying to root the phone with Kingo Root Windows version from my laptop. Kingo Root got to about 85% done then just froze. A few minutes later Kingo root jumped to 100% completed with a message saying "root failed". I then tried a different setup that I...
  11. C

    Did ZTE manufacture my phone with a lower capacity battery?

    I've just purchased a ZTE Warp Ellite phone and am trying to determine whether it might have been manufactured with the wrong capacity battery installed. It does not have a removable battery, so I can't open the phone and examine it directly without breaking into it. The phone is advertised to...
  12. Keepcalmtae

    Root Zte Warp Elite Root

    I was doing some research and i was wondering has anybody tried unlocking the bootloader before attempting to root the zte warp elite. Might be a stupid question, but it's a thought.
  13. R

    Warp Elite phone connection problems

    After the last ZTE update on both my wife's and my Warp Elite the phone connection often requires two attempts before it will connect to a number. Is this happening to you? I have talked with both Boost and ZTE and they say they are looking in to this issue. If you are experiencing this problem...
  14. woodgaser

    Root Root success

    someone tell me how to post a screen shot to prove it...root checker and TWRP both asked for root permission...and both say root.
  15. DaKillaWilla

    Zte warp elite bluetooth security vulnerability

    The Zte Warp Elite's bluetooth always stays visible. In lollipop it's suppose to stop being visible when you exit the bluetooth settings screen. ZTE needs to fix this...
  16. woodgaser

    Screen not auto sleep

    Anyone have this issue?...was ok until I tried to root with kingroot...and phone locked up...had to factory reset...since the reset...have to shut screen off manually everytime...will sit forever with screen on...have set it at every setting currently at 30sec...running my battery down...
  17. woodgaser

    Elite and 128gb sd

    Has anyone tried one yet to see if it works?
  18. D

    Broken Google Play Store (App Sync) + FIX

    I'm not sure if everyone is experiencing who has this phone or if it has been brought up in any other threads here but, every time I have wiped this phone I noticed that I wasn't able to select this device to restore my apps after signing into Google on it. All my other devices where there and...
  19. R

    No Longer Available on Boost

    The Warp Elite is no longer listed on the Boost site. Wondering if a new ZTE phone is coming?
  20. S

    Root $50 to the person who makes root for warp elite?

    Can someone tell me exactly what is needed to root this phone. I will provide any information needed to make this happen. It's been a long time and this is crazy. Im willing to pay $50 to the person who makes a 100% successful and not ridiculously hard root and a ROM or 2 would be nice. Just...
  21. R

    Root Backwards on rooting ZTE Warp Elite n9518???

    Like many I am struggling with trying to root my ZTE Warp Elite n9518. Nd have using kingroot app v4.9.3 . I am wondering how it is that it seems like we are going backwards. Until I got the latest version just updated 6/17 of this month. I was able to get 63 percent of the way. Since I have...
  22. R

    Root Possible success solution for rooting ZTE Warp Elite n9518

    If unsuccessful rooting my ZTE Warp Elite n9518 with the android app v4..9.3 . Could I be successful using a computer using the same equivalent app? Or will that be a hit and miss with the long wait also?
  23. hroark13


    PLEASE TEST WHAT IS IN THIS THREAD AND REPORT BACK IN THIS THAT THREAD http://androidforums.com/threads/zte-write-protection-for-zmax-and-other-phones.1040331/
  24. R

    New update overnight

    My wife's phone did a new update overnight. Took home screen back to default. Had to change wallpaper and her icons for her programs. Anyone know what is new? Glad ZTE is doing updates but a heads up on changes would be nice.
  25. Amethyst Rose

    Help The Aux jack is broken!! Can it be fixed, or do I need to buy a new phone?

    I've had my ZTE Warp Elite since Christmas, and it was meant to be a replacement for my crappy old LG tracfone and my broken iPod touch. In that respect, it worked amazingly and never had any problems. Tonight, however, I dropped it for the first time and while things were fine for a few hours...