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zte zmax pro

  1. M

    Phone App force closes on opening

    Starting today my phone app is crashing. I can still take incoming calls and I can call out through contacts along with visual voicemail. Everything else seems to be working. I have tried the usual reboots, turn airplane mode off and on and back off. Along with deleting cache and data from the...
  2. Android News

    ZTE opens its Android Nougat beta program for the Zmax Pro

    ZTE has opened beta registrations for those with the ZTE Zmax Pro who want to test out Android Nougat.
  3. anubis2048

    Root ZTE Zmax Pro Official Root Discussion

    This thread is all about rooting the ZTE Zmax Pro and will be updated with the newest information related to rooting the device. As of now, there is no way to root the Zmax Pro yet. Right now Messi2050 is working on root and is very close to having it. He needs beta testers. If you don't care...

    Screenshot Time!

    Hey Guys & Gals... :cool: Let's lighten the mood in this forum since so many are bummed about the root situation... Show Your Screens! My setups vary.. this is what's going on for now.. :)

    Unlocked And Ready To Rock!!!

    Damn It Was A Long Time Coming... :cool: And I still ran into issues with the Pro rejecting all my attempts.. Then finally it let loose and let me in.. ;) Yes... It's Unlocked! and ready for ANY GSM Carrier on the planet.. It's been a rough 90 days.. but MetroPCS granted the Approval then gave...
  6. R

    Would this work?..........

    I was wondering if anyone knew if this guide would work on this phone. If so it doesn't seem like you have to be rooted. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/how-enable-tethering-android-6-0-marshmallow-update-1524792
  7. J

    LG Stylo Plus 2 any topic

    One thing I'm now aware about what LG does is they supply free software , kdz files, kernel and android sources and of course UNLOCKED bootloaders on even their non- flagship phones. I see why devs who work on LG devices do so because of no fear of failure. I can put my phone back to stock in...
  8. P

    The ZTE ZMAX PRO has a touch issue this how to fix.

    This is a video I made I was really sick but you call you can hear what I was saying....

    Slight screen burn in issues

    I use my phone a LOT. I've noticed slight screen burn in of the top Android menu bar. Anyone else notice this? I usually have my screen pretty bright also.
  10. NeoZiggy

    Help Manufacture Date, SW Version, and Bugs Known [tracking]

    Hi my fellow ZMax Pro users, I am starting this thread to list our manufacturing dates, software versions, and known bugs. According to the box, my device was manufactured on 9-27-2016 (d/m/y). I'm on software version B08, with MetroPCS. I bought the phone a week before Christmas and never was...
  11. E

    Any way to downgrade Zmax pro

    I made the mistake of updating my metro pcs zmax pro to z981v1.0.b12 is their any way to downgrade or any way to load a T-Mobile zmax pro rom?
  12. Rashawn229

    Root ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) root with kingroot

    Did anybody notice that KingRoot hangs at 99% then fails? it did on mines. I'm on the B08 build
  13. mhrf90

    How To: workaround annoying bugs and limitations

    Since we don't (yet) have root I've been looking for ways to make the most out of this phone as is and long story short I've found ways to get rid of ads, transparent heads up notifications and stupidly huge everything. For ads, install NetGuard and apply this host file. Ads gone. For...
  14. G

    Root Bounty

  15. F

    When will I be able to use SD card as internal storage?

    But also have the Google play store work? Everytime I use it as internal storage I get errors trying to download apps from the store which gets kinda annoying. I want to have games in my phone but be able to store them in my SD. I can only use my SD as portable storage...
  16. jeffek

    Looking for some help please

    Hey guys, i always use my fingerprint to enter my phone and i can get in it fine. problem is that i dont remember the backup password i used. so now i am trying to change my screen lock but it wants the password. is there anyway i can get this to work? i have access to my phone through...
  17. Prophets

    30s timeout time max

    Hello, ever since the last update(metropcs) a couple weeks ago ive only been able to pick between 15s and 30s sleep timeout on my zte zmax pro which is quite annoying. My lgstylo doesnt have this issue. IM wondering if any other people are having this issue or have a fix for it, i cant even...
  18. mhrf90

    SD card problems

    Overall loving this phone so far but I got problems with apps accessing the SD card. Stock gallery doesn't show downloaded images and my music player of choice (Phonograph) can't make changes to files on the SD card. There's no permission error or anything, it shows as if the file was edited or...
  19. M

    I love this phone

    The fact that it works so well. All the time and is not to shabby looking either... The reliability for the price is fantastic. As Trump would say, " it's fantastic and it's screen is huge" But seriously, I hope ZTE does not get so premium that it's market brings much higher prices...
  20. H

    Help Text & Call glitches

    Post patch: Data connection drops fixed(although with very high latency at times), BUT NOW: 1. Things come and go in bunches: some calls don't come in...later on a bunch of missed calls appear. Ditto texts, which also take forever to send AND my recipients receive dozens of copies of each text...
  21. thekingsteven

    Help Phone sending texts to unknown numbers

    My phone has been sending messages to strange numbers it's happened 3 times now. This time I decided to ask for help. Does anyone know what this is and why my phone would be texting numbers on its own? I'm worried about hackers or that an app might be tracking my messages......
  22. I

    Metro PCS Simcard

    Hi, folks, the other day i forgot my ZTE ZMax Pro charger at mom's home, i dont have another one, so i realized my battery was about 1% and then tried to get the charger and... well it was not there. anyways, i have an oldie phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 unlocked) and tried to swap...
  23. B

    Default save location for camera

    Hello, I"m trying to change the default save location for the camera. I click on the settings in the camera app, and it bring up the storage options, I have a 16gb card installed, formatted as storage, but the option for "save location" is grey out. Please help?
  24. M

    Help Screencast doesn't work with Netflix.

    Just got this phone a week ago. I have loved it, until... I have tried casting my screen on both a Sony Blu Ray and a Screenbeam2. In both cases, YouTube works fine. But on HBO Go app and the Netflix app, as soon as I hit Play on a movie, all that shows up on my TV is a black screen and the...
  25. Mikey2ky

    ZTE Zmax Pro and emulation

    Dudes and dudets the zmax pro is efficient enough aint it? well when it comes to emulation it does much better than you'd expect. my peronal list of obvious consoles from best to eehh from personal experience and its usually the same with most so check it out: GBA with high quality filters max...