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Help 10" NuVision Android tablet not booting


Dec 22, 2014
I was given a 10" NuVision Android tablet (TM101A620MPPM) that I'm hoping to rehabilitate and possibly install a custom ROM on. I've done 3rd-party ROMs before, mostly LineageOS, but I haven't been able either to get this tablet to boot or enter state where a computer (or ADB) will recognize it.

It makes no difference whether I simply power it on, or power it on holding the volume button either up or down, it turns on, displays the NuVision splash screen ... and hangs. I've left it sitting for a day or longer in that state and it's only ever got beyond the splash screen and to the juggling balls once. On that one occasion it took a couple of hours to get to the juggling balls but then hung there for another day without proceeding further.

I've also been trying to establish communication with ADB, ... without success. I've used multiple computers, Linux and Windoze, and multiple USB cables connecting to the various USB ports. In no case has any of the computers recognized that there was a USB device attached, nor has "adb devices" shown it was connected.

Is there anything else I might try to revive this thing, some secret incantation, sacrifice a yellow rooster under a gum tree during a new moon, etc?


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