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2 Android issues - video & bluetooth


Apr 11, 2012
I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Player 5 after I had my last straw with my iPod. Between losing ALL my music, iTunes forgetting where music is located, syncing issues, and the latest - thinking my ipod is a virus, I threw in the towel with Apple.

Anyway I have my Samsung Galaxy Player and I can't get videos to play on it. I got Aimersoft DRM Media Converter to convert the MV4 videos to MPEG and to WAV but they're still not playing. I have tried both checking "no" to the convert file when I put it on the Player and "yes" - still doesn't work. I am at a loss as what else to do. Should I download another media converter? Or is the issue with my Galaxy Player (purchased new)?

The other issue I have is with my car's bluetooth. The car is new (4mths) and it has no issues connecting with my Galaxy Nexus, but it will not connect with the phone. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have "made device discoverable" and they are 'recognizing' each other - the Player is coming up on the car and the car is coming up on the Player - but it says "paired but not connected" and won't let me connect. This issue I am not AS concerned about since I can connect via AUX.

On a similar note - the Player doesn't support "USB" connection other than the PC when I tried the UBS connection in the car. Is there some app I can download so it does? This would be a better option than Bluetooth I think.

Thanks in advance!

I know there's a Galaxy Player forum but from what I've found on the internet the video thing seems to be a common issue for all Samsung devices (thanks iTunes for making a specific file - you suck) so I figured I'd post here. Plus I never see folks in that forum! Thanks

I've always used a converter called "Switch". Never had any issues convertying iTunes stuff to MP3's.

The other issues I have no idea. My old man just got the SP5 , but I really haven't had the opportunity to play with it.

Thanks. I can play the music files without an issue - it's just video. As far as I know you can't download any other movies other than from iTunes. Their whole DRM encoding is really pissing me off.
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