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2 notifications on facebook app


Apr 12, 2012
I've had my HTC One X for a couple of days now and have started to notice that when someone sends me a message on facebook, that I receive a notification in my status bar that says "Facebook Name: Message contents" and then as soon as I click on it it take me into the facebook app and directs me to the message. However as soon as the facebook app is launched I receive another notification in my status bar saying "Facebook You have 1 new message" Now this might not bother some people but II recieve a lot of messages through facebook and then get double the ammount of notifications and is really starting to bug me. At first I thought it was just the facebook app sending one notification and the Friend Stream app sending the other, so I signed out of the friend stream app and no longer use it but still have this problem. I do like the fact that I recieve the notification with the message contents in real time as the actual message is recieved, on my Galaxy S2 I'd have a message sat there for hours without me knowing about it and as soon as the facebook app was launched it would give me the notification which is pointless to say the least. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated'

Thanks in advance

Oliver (Oggie)


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