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300+ Android Games for Quarantining with Family


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  • Mar 26, 2008
    Like the rest of the world, you're probably wondering how to pass the time in everyone's new least favorite timezone: Quarantine Standard Time (QST). This list of 300+ Premium Android Games was meticulously compiled from the Google Play Store to help you and your family power through April 2020.

    What you can expect from this list...
    • 300+ Premium Games that are FREE (for 30 days)
    • Advertising and In-App Purchases removed
    • Share with 5 other people
    This list was inspired by Google Play Pass which currently has a 30-Day Free Trial offer. Google hasn't provided a full list of games available so we've made this list ourselves, just for you! To get the offer simply open the Play Store app, tap the menu in the top left, and then tap "Play Pass".

    Do This First!
    Take a deep breath and say, "Hey Google, set a reminder to cancel Google Play Pass in 29 days". If you forget to cancel or want to continue your subscription it'll cost you $4.99/month (not bad!). The list of games below is the entire selection of Games in Google Play Pass at the time of this post.

    Share With The Family
    The below games can be shared with up to 5 family members- making it even more ideal for this month's Quarantine. Read more about Family Library.

    Action Games:


    Adventure Games:


    Arcade Games:


    Board Games:


    Card Games:


    Casual Games:


    Educational Games:


    We have not included forum links for Educational games because the primary players are typically children. If you'd like to find the forum for these games you can Download the Discussion for Google Play Store Chrome Extension.
    • Kids Learn About Animals (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.9 Stars)
    • Kids Learn Shapes 2 (Download) - Save $1.99 (4.8 Stars)
    • Alive Alphabet: Letter Tracing (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.5 Stars)
    • Cosmolander - The solar system (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.5 Stars)
    • Kids Draw with Shapes (Download) - Save $1.99 (4.5 Stars)
    • Kids Connect The Dots (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.5 Stars)
    • Drawing for Kids Learning Games (Download) - Ads removed (4.4 Stars)
    • Kids Learn to Count 123 (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.4 Stars)
    • Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles (Download) - (4.4 Stars)
    • Bini Super ABC! (Download) - Ads removed (4.4 Stars)
    • Whiskey the spider (Download) - Ads removed (4.4 Stars)
    • Learn Letter Names and Sounds (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.4 Stars)
    • Grow Garden (Download) - Save $4.99 (4.4 Stars)
    • Kids Learn To Sort (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.4 Stars)
    • Learn To Read with Tommy Turtle (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.4 Stars)
    • Baby ABC in Box (Download) - Ads removed (4.3 Stars)
    • Kids Reading Sight Words (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.3 Stars)
    • My Little Princess: Castle (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.3 Stars)
    • Animal Puzzles for Kids (Download) - Ads removed (4.3 Stars)
    • Learn Letter Sounds with Carnival Kids (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.2 Stars)
    • Baby Jigsaw Puzzles (Download) - Ads removed (4.2 Stars)
    • FunnyFood Kindergarten (Download) - Ads removed (4.2 Stars)
    • Kids Kindergarten Math (Download) - Save $1.99 (4.2 Stars)
    • Baby Wooden Blocks Puzzle (Download) - Ads removed (4.2 Stars)
    • Little Panda Fireman (Download) - Ads removed (4.2 Stars)
    • First Words for Baby (Download) - Ads removed (4.2 Stars)
    • Kids Learn Colors (Download) - Save $1.99 (4.1 Stars)
    • My Town: Beach Picnic (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.1 Stars)
    • Learn ABC Letters with Captain Cat (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.1 Stars)
    • Baby Puzzles (Download) - Ads removed (4.1 Stars)
    • My Town: School (Download) - Save $2.99 (4.1 Stars)
    • Toca Mystery House (Download) - Save $3.99 (4.1 Stars)
    • Truck games for kids (Download) - Ads removed (4.1 Stars)
    • Jurassic World - Dinosaurs (Download) - Ads removed (4.1 Stars)
    • Math Games (Download) - Ads removed (4.1 Stars)
    • Elmo Loves 123s (Download) - Ads removed (4.0 Stars)
    • Mermaids (Download) - Ads removed (4.0 Stars)
    • Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen (Download) - Ads removed (4.0 Stars)
    • Power Girls Super City (Download) - Ads removed (4.0 Stars)
    • My Town: Daycare (Download) - Save $0.99 (4.0 Stars)
    • Preschool games for kids (Download) - Ads removed (3.9 Stars)
    • Baby Phone Kids Game (Download) - Ads removed (3.8 Stars)
    • Learn Colors for Toddlers (Download) - Ads removed (3.6 Stars)
    • My Town: Hospital (Download) - Save $2.99 (3.5 Stars)
    • My Town: Stores (Download) - Save $2.99 (3.5 Stars)
    Puzzle Games:


    Racing Games:


    Role Playing Games:


    Simulation Games:


    Sports Games:


    Strategy Games:


    Word Games:


    Multi-Player Games (Play with friends):


    These games have been singled out by Google as being "Multiplayer fun for everyone" and are selected from titles in the categories above:
    How To Get The Free Trial (Google Play Pass)
    To subscribe to Google Play Pass you simply need to:
    1. Open the Google Play Store
    2. Tap the 3 lines in the top left
    3. Select "Play Pass"

    What are your favorites from the list? Any games we're missing? Let us know!

    For those counting at home we've technically only hit 291 games (292 if you count Animal Crossing). Share your favorite Free Android Games in the comments and we'll be sure to cross the 300 mark!
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    I can personally recommend any and all of the Secret Order games. They have lots of extras added in. My goal is always to find all of the morphing objects that are hidden throughout the game and then hit the extras button for the possibility of even more fun after completing the main and bonus games.

    Agent A is also a lot of fun although there is a LOT of backtracking. I got it when it was $.99 and have played it several times so it was a good deal for me.

    Also check out Big Fish Games although I don't believe they are participating in the 30 day deal.

    The adventure games, particularly by Artifex Mundi are not quick games. You can spend literally the whole day playing one if you keep your finger off the hint button. It is a great way to stay occupied and out of trouble on a rainy day at home.
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