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Help 3g problem in UK

It's Orange. It's not a case of switching networks though.
When resetting it to 3g and not getting any 3g (anywhere) after the initial switch to 2g I have removed the sim and tried it in another phone and got 3g straight off. This was to establish if there was a problem with the sim or not. Put it back in the SNS.... no 3g.
Did a factory restore and 3g came back instantly.

Tried the whole thing again to confirm the problem
(selected 2g, no data - reverted to 3g). 3g did not kick back in. Did factory restore and 3g kicked back in instantly.
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BTW have you tested battery use to see if disabling 3G in your situation really makes a difference? Given that you can't get 3G and it goes to 2G, does forcing it to 2G really make a difference? I've not tried it so don't know, I'm just asking if you've found a way to verify you're making a difference or just assuming it'll make a difference.
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