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Help 60 devices on single account, but account keeps auto-signing out. Please help.


Aug 4, 2017
Hey folks. I'm working with 60 of these Android tablets and we give them out to drivers to use to track their mileage and receive updates on the road. They work great, except two major issues listed below. They are all on the same Google account for simplicity sake. This happens almost every time the app has to update, on every tablet so far. It's driving me bonkers trying to figure out why, and I don't have the time to keep fixing it after a driver constantly mistypes the password and has to keep sending texts to unlock it.

1. Google Play keeps requiring them to sign in again, which is preventing the app they use from Updating. The app is required to be updated every two weeks to meet the requirements.

2. When trying to sign back into these apps, it asks to send a Text code (or phone call) to get a code to sign in (after typing in your password). We have two-factor authentication turned off, so not sure why this is being required.

More information on these tablets:

* Each are LG G Pad X VK815 (50 units) or Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T377V (10 units)
- Android 6.0 - Android 6.0.1

* All are updated to the latest operating system available to them (IE No system updates currently available)

* Two-Factor Authentication is turned OFF

* There is no restrictive application limiting the function of these devices

* All were bought from Verizon and have a Data plan

* They are designed to be out in the field with Truck drivers. Sometimes Data may not be available to them.

Troubleshooting steps I have done:

* Rebooted hundreds of times (across all units)

* Factory wiped multiple tablets multiple times

* Disconnected the Google account and re added it multiple times

* Made sure Google Play Services and Google Play Store usage access are both ON

* Made sure Google Play had apps download at any time

* Contacted LG, told me to contact Verizon

* Contacted Verizon, told me to contact LG

* After about 10 loops of this crap, they both told me to contact google

* Contacted google, they gave me their "sorry about the inconvenience" and then no answers after

* I will also be posing this problem to other Android forums

* This happens on both WiFi and LTE

* All Google Services are turned on

* Checked the Developer settings, but didn't find anything pertinent in there

Current status:

I have a temporary solution in place, but it is not good enough. I can remotely log into the tablets (recent change) using TeamViewer and can fix the issue manually as to alleviate some of the time, but the big boss men are getting impatient with the drivers having to call in almost daily with the same issue.

I would be super appreciative for any assistance. I've been working on this problem for over a year now, and it's about to make me explode.

Bonus question:

Google Music only allows 10 devices to use music on the same account. Could this be causing this problem?
Short Answer: Google is likely imposing a limit on your account as it's against their terms of use to use a single Google account for purposes of sharing content across multiple devices. We wrote a story about this limit on Phandroid that should hopefully not only answer your question, but give you an idea of what you can do to improve your situation!

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