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800x480 resolution 16x9 displays


Jun 11, 2012
I have a tablet with an 800x480 screen resolution and 16x9 aspect ratio display. 800x480 is 15x9 so to fill a 16x9 a.r. the pixels aren't square. This is fine so long as the OS display compensates for the discrepancy. If not, anything circular doesn't display correctly, so it's squat in landscape orientation (wide) and egg shaped in portrait orientation (tall). Lots of the app icons are circular, so the easiest to check. My tablet, and a few others with 800x480 res have this fault.

So I'm looking for examples of 800x480 resolution 16x9 a.r. displays which are displaying correctly ie circles look circular in landscape or portrait orientation.

1/16th off doesn't sound like much but try viewing a portrait pic. It's relatively fatter faced than normal in landscape and skinny faced in portrait.
I have an 800x480 phone and when it displays 16x9, it just doesn't use a sliver of the top and bottom of the screen. The top and bottom 15 rows of pixels are not uses, so it is actually displaying 16x9 in 800x450.
What make and model of phone is that? If it's 800x480 (15x9) with square pixels that's the right way to do it. Unfortunately my tablet is 800x480 with a 16x9 aspect ratio so doing that gives a vertically compressed picture. I can fudge a 'fill screen' but it only works on video, (assume it's an overlay) and from 'off' but not 'standby'.

750x480 would be a better compromise for my tablet. Just leave 25 pixel mask either side of the screen. At least the displayed aspect ratio would be correct.
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I have an HTC Desire Z.
Just measured a screen shot of the HTC Desire Z and it is a 15x9 ratio screen. Looks like my tablet is running a similar Android version, but on an *actual* 16x9 ratio screen it doesn't work properly.

Archos/Arnova 7" 800x480 tablets all seem to have the same problem, even the packing box pictures show it, so maybe worth contacting.

My vendor and maker say that's the way it is return it or live with it, but no fix. Fine attitude! Put out something they already know is wrong and see if anyone complains.
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