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Help A few problems after installing GB

Hi! Im new here.. Great to be on a forum that seems to have such a wealth of information!

I recently installed GB 2.3.3. using Odin. Worked well and Im quite happy with it. But Im having a few nagging problems, that I have tried but failed to solve. So I was hoping that some of you guys might have had something similar and managed to solve them.

I get the message 'The Application Software update (process com.wssyncmlm) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again' popping up at start up and sometimes randomly during normal operation.

My opera mini cannot run at all but crashes whenever I try to use the app. Ive installing opera mini web browser which works, but since you cannot zoom in its quite useless on this phone. But that worked. I then tried installing opera mini mobile web browser and that didn't work due to a connection problem.

The standard internet browser starts up but cannot seem to get a connection to the web.

The first problem isn't a major problem but just an annoyance. But the other two are significant setback, since I often have things that I want to check on the web. Im wondering whether the standard internet browsers failure to connect is related to the opera mini failing to run. All other internet dependent apps that I use work fine - Whatssapp, World News and Weather App, Android Market etc..

So Im a bit puzzled and would much appreciate any advise on these issues.



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