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A Perfect To Do List Management App - Does it Exist?


Jul 18, 2013
I feel like I have tried nearly every to do list / task management app available, yet I cannot find one that fulfils all my needs. Does it exist?

Here are the features I require:
  • Subtasks
  • Recurring / repeating tasks
  • Notifications via email / push
  • Calendar view

The one I'm using now doesn't have the calendar view but I find that I don't need it for what I'm doing.

Posted about this in another thread today:


What I like about it is that it thinks like you do. It might seem a little foreign to you at first but once you catch on, it's pretty dang nice. If you ever used the old More II and More III apps for the Apple way back when, it's as close as I've been able to find for Android.

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Thanks for the tip. Tried to download it but AVG marked it as adware!

Anyway, the one I have settled on for the moment is TickTick. The Pro version has a calendar view.

That's odd. I use AVG as well and it didn't flag it as adware. At least, when I was testing it initially, it didn't give me any ads.

AVG mobile has given me false positives on other things, though, so I've switched to Avast Mobile Security.

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laura7 - TickTick has potential but at the moment there are a lot of bugs. The app doesn't sync very well with the web version, particularly when subtasks are involved. There's also 1 or 2 features that I'd like to have seen, such as the ability to set a due date and a separate reminder date (e.g. remind me 1 day before). I really like the GUI that TickTick have built as it's probably one of the most intuitive I've tried, so I hope they make improvements. After all it is still in beta.
Also try CheckItOff. It's not as intuitive or pretty as TickTick but it does have most of the features you'd need. Though it doesn't have it's own calendar, you can sync with Google Calendar in the Pro version.

LouWags - Maybe I'll ditch AVG then! I see Outliner has 'Calendar integration' down on the list of Future Developments, so I'll definitely watch that space.
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