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A Question, a Tip and a Warning


Aug 17, 2012
Question: I have had my PadFone for just 3 days and can't seem to find where I can change the devices name.

For example, if it picks-up a DHCP assigned IP Address it shows the name in the DHCP Server as "android-" followed by a 16 digit HEX number. Where is this name set? This name is also used in other circumstances. Also, when pairing with BlueTooth devices, it comes-up as "PadFone" - where is this name set?

Tip: I've discovered a surprising issue with the PadFone. I am in a very marginal 3G service area. The phone picks-up the marginal signal fine, in fact probably better than my previous Samsung Galaxy S phone ever did, however, if I dock the phone into the Tablet and close the door, the signal is completely lost! While docked, if I keep the door open everything is fine, but as soon as I close the door, the signal is completely lost.

I wouldn't have thought a thin plastic door would cause such a signal block, but it is repeatable and I am able to prove it. The same problem appears to happen with my WiFi signal, but not to the same extent.

UPDATE: I took the unit back to the store. After seeing the problem they tested another unit, which did not have the problem at all, so they exchanged the Tablet. I am very happy with the service (Harvey Norman Stores - Australia) but it makes me wonder how such a measurable problem could have passed QA. From other issues that are now starting to appear on the Internet I hope these devices aren't going to prove to be a waste of everyone's money!!

Warning: The PadFone regularly drops its WiFi connection, even when you're almost on top of the Wireless Router! I have never had a phone where you regularly need to stop and re-start the WiFi. It appears to mostly occur after the phone has gone to sleep, but it can happen even while you're using other features of the phone.

Maybe I've just scored a faulty phone, but it's something people might need to be careful of.
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I think I'm having the same problem with Telco Data Connection. When not in Padfone Station signal is good but when I dock it into Padfone Station the signal turn weak with only Edge or no data connection at all. I don't know ASUS would admin this fault and recall and replace all Padfone Station.

Let us hope more would comment if this is also their problem to get ASUS attention to do something about it.
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As for naming the device - that is not possible as far I have been able to find out.[/QUOTE]

Thank-you for the response, I also haven't been able to find any information on naming either.

The replacement PadFone Station I reported in the Edit of my original post has now developed a problem! Almost everytime I dock my Phone I see the top-most line of pixels flashing on the Tablet. It started doing it just occasionally and I could fix it by removing and re-inserting the Phone, but now it does it all the time. It's mostly just one complete line of pixels but sometimes can be several lines of pixels. No such fault is displayed on the Phone.

I am starting to wonder if ASUS have the ability to deliver a reliable Phone/Tablet? :mad:
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