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Help A01 adaptable storage android update


Sep 29, 2016
Hello all,

have a bit of an issue with a Galaxy A01. when it was new and running android 10, formatted an SD as internal memory, moved pics, music and some apps on it.

Yesterday updated to android 11 and the apps on the SD stopped working.

What can I do to run the apps again?
- reinstalled one, it doesn't work. App still not running.

Would reformatting the SD as internal under android 11 work?
Is there another update to download? Or revert back to android 10 (that's cumbersome and requires flashing right?)

Yes I know about the recommendation not to use an SD as internal memory but will still use it as that makes the phone a lot more workable.

Thank you for any answer in advance.
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Samsung does not enable adoptable storage (a.k.a. Internal) on its mobile devices. Did you use one of those 'hacks' on sites like XDA Developers to force adoptable storage on your A01?

How large is the microSD card? Your model supports up to 512GB so if your card has a higher storage capacity that could a problem too.

Yes, used one a similar hack to get SD appear as internal storage, its 128GB. Split it to cca 72GB to appear as external and rest as internal.
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Try going through the same process to force adoptable storage again. You applied an Android version upgrade so the system-level alterations that you did to the at that time installed OS 10 need to be redone to the newly installed OS 11.

And just to clarify, you're sure your card was properly formatted as 'Internal'? You referred to transferring files and apps to it but when a card is actually set up as Internal, the card becomes a part of the internal storage. It's now managed and maintained by the operating system, not the user. We no longer can view a card's content as its own volume, it's virtually melded into the over-all file-system. As Portable, the default state, a card will show up as it's own volume using a file manager. But as Internal, a card now just shows up as another directory buried in the entire file-tree. What you're describing is when the microSD card is actually still set up as Portable.
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Thank you for the eply.

Should have decribed a few things in more detail I guess. The card was formatted as internal with 25% added to internal memory and the rest used as SD - portable storage. It worked exactly as expected with apps being 'moved' to internal storage, and sosme music being played from the portable part. All worked well for 2y untill the system update.

Managed to fully reformat the SD card, it appears to work without issues, tried to follow the same process to format the SD in the phone again but for some reason it does not format the SD as internal + portable this time. It appears the instructions are completed in cmd but when checking the storage part in the phone it does not appear the way I expect it.

Some more trial and error is needed I guess.
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