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.aa extension not recognized


Feb 10, 2012
I used a free app to synch my I tunes with my 4g my touch andriod phone. Within I tunes I had some audio books. They transferred to my phone, but my phone does not recognize the file type which is ".aa" I tried simply renaming the files as .mp3 but that didn't work so I converted them back to the ".aa" extension. How can I listen to these I tunes audio books on my android phone?
I finally did it. I had to download the app for Audible, the subscription ebook service I tried (and canceled) last year that created the ".aa" file types. Then I had to download the app to transfer all I tunes files from the PC to the phone. Then I had to open a file management app and move the Itunes files pertaining to my ebooks to the Audible file. Then I had to open Audible and use it under the free samples section because I don't want to sign up and be billed monthly again. All me previously downloaded ebooks now appear in the free samples section. Wait a pain in the A$$ but I'm glad I'll finally be able to listen to those books in the car!
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