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Access network disk drive.

Hi there, rubyred93, and welcome aboard! :)

I have a usb drive connected to a netgear router. Is it possible to map this drive to my android 4.2.2 tablet.
I would think it's possible, but I haven't tried. :thinking: I can, however, say that there are Android apps that include networking features--I like File Manager (Explorer)--and you might try some apps and see if 'scanning' for network drives yields anything.
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I use an app called "Tonido" to achieve this. The only thing is that your usb drive would need to be connected to a pc that's on your home network and the pc must be powered on at all times. You would download their pc app onto the computer and then you would have access to the entire usb drive from your android devices. This functionality also works from a remote location also using wifi or 4g service. Hope this helps.
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