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Accidentally delted launcher App


Dec 24, 2013
HI everyone

I was using the titanium backup and accidentally deleted the launcher. Now I am not able to see my home screen. USB Debugging is not enabled and Playstore is does not detect my device as before that I just rooted my phone.

Do we have any option or I need to say bye to my phone
I am using LG optimus one- 2.3.3
Hello de4ever. I'm sorry to hear of your launcher problem. I will leave you a link to the Optimus One root area. You will want to start a thread in there stating your problem and ask for assistance. Don't give up.. it's Christmas Eve... help might be a bit slow to come by tonight. If there is a solution.. the clever members in this area can help you.
Optimus One - All Things Root - Android Forums
Best of luck. Thanks for joining AF and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
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