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Accidently posted this up on the AL thread.

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Pondering for a new cell phone..

Milo Williamson Android Expert
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Nothing is currently wrong with my Moto edge so far so good, since I bought it three years ago, so as I kept the rule of thumb of knowing about the entire drills of this:

~ Vibration app I always found was SetEdit, pretty useful tool to turn off all the hapatic feedback in thumbprint for the bio sensor.

~ User friendly and can easy glide throughout several apps, switching back and forth with ease, sure some does shut off when my cell does the screen off timer down to zero pretty much, but delevopers does not know the pain we do unless we complain on play, or wherever you download the most of the presumtious.

~ I am able to turn it off and on, with the sms notifications popping up and telephone missed calls, and I abseolutely love YouMail ever since.

~ Minus the edge pop ups on the apps snap, it is a pretty functional cell over all, but here is what I mostly fret.
Of my mind plugs it in almost every night after it hits up to around 77 percent or below, it takes sometimes to charge it, even with the default cable, that it takes up to a few minutes more to juice it up, but...

I can pretty much dl everything from my play accounts and have it set up with my new cell, I have not looked into the market much these days, but what is your honest opionion of myself purchasing say a Galaxy Fold?
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