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Help Accuweather Clock Widget

Had me stumped for a while too but got there in the end.

1) Tap the bar under the clock to set the city.
2) Tap the menu key.
3) Tap Set DST (bottom right corner, picture of a sun).
4) Tap your city name at the top of the screen and you will see an orange sun appear next to it when DST is on and tapping it again removes it.
5) Tap Done and then tap the Back key.

The time should now be correct.
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I have a s5 and am trying to figure out how to set the clock to chance by city and state automatically like it did on my s3

Don't you really mean by Time Zone?

I used to work in Indiana, and Arizona. Those states have two different Time Zones.
The Navaho Indians in the NE part of Arizona use Daylight Savings Time.... the rest of Arizona never changes time period...

I did not like working in Indiana, you would get to work at 8 AM sharp, and try to call your company's office 30 miles west of you and they are still in bed!!! for cripes sake.... I never understood splitting a time zone down the middle of a state.
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