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add delay between videos


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Aug 18, 2019
im looking for a way to play videos but add a delay between videos, so during the delay there won't be anything on the screen at all, then when the video starts back up again, the video will be displayed again

the reason is because im making reaction videos, and a lot of videos will get blocked if you show too much of the video, especially for reacting to tv shows like the walking dead, so that's plan only show 10 seconds at a time, then have a black screen from a video that i made with black pictures, then i would use the pop up view for the video player, if i could get this to work, it would save a tremendous amount of time editing, because right now i have to add lots of pictures over and over again throughout the entire video, and for tv shows it's a very long process
Also it doesn't necessarily need to be a video player to accomplish this, it could also be done with a video editor, although so far the ones i tried, kinemaster and video show, once you cut out a section the 2 remaining sections fits together instead of staying apart, and with kinemaster although you can make clips transparent you can't make the parant clip transparent just the overlays, any ideas to accomplish this affect would be awesome, and i Will be forever grateful for any ideas thanks


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