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Adoptable Storage On Samsung Galaxy S7 with Nougat

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Jun 16, 2017
Anyone having difficulty enabling Adoptable storage on the Galaxy S7 running Android Nougat may want to try this. It may not sound like the best option but it was the only one I could get to work.

I had already enabled adoptable storage on my S7 before upgrading to Nougat so everything was working fine until I had to get a larger SD card. When I installed the SD card, i lost adoptable storage and the adb commands that worked in Marshmallow did not work in Nougat. So I tried rooting and installing root essentials. I was able to root, but it broke the fingerprint scanner and the adoptable storage option in root essentials did not work. After scouring the net for other options on I had read earlier and did not want to try seemed to be the only option left.

I used odin to flash marshmallow back onto my S7 (and stupid me i did not backup my phone before doing so, which I suggest you do). After getting marshmallow back on my phone, I used the adb commands to enable adoptable storage (found here). Then I updated the phone back to nougat (keep in mind that I did not flash nougat, although this may work. I just installed the updates from the settings menu of the phone. Once the phone was fully updated, Adoptable storage was finally still enabled with my new sd card. This has only been tested on the Samsung SM-G930V, but i suspect it will work with most of the models (at least the U.S. ones).

I hopes this helps anyone struggling to get adoptable storage working in Nougat - please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
I am the starter of this thread and I just wanted to let you know that this does not work. I looked as though it did originally but I found out long after that it only looked that way. If anyone wasted their time trying this method I apologize, but as of yet I have not found a way to enable adoptable storage on the Sm-G930V running Nougat.
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